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Monday, December 22, 2008

Medical → Cancer of the Vulva

Cancer of the vulva is not a common disease. There are about 4,000 new cases each year in the United States. The remainder are mostly melanomas. The cause of squamous cancer of the vulva is unknown but there is a weak association with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

The vulva is the region of the external genital organs of the female, including the labia majora, mons pubis, labia minora, clitoris, bulb of the vestibule, vestibule of the vagina, greater and lesser vestibular glands, and vaginal orifice.

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legless wonder
even if you're not gay, it's enough to turn a str8 man gay...they are nasty pics
2009-02-20 04:44:59

thank god I'm gay!! that's fucked up :|
2009-02-19 13:35:15

no more porn this night
2009-02-04 08:58:28

I bet their loose after that..
2009-02-03 22:49:52

alright beautiful ladies in the world, go get your vajay-j checked, i am not screwing that!!!
2009-01-28 01:30:26

legless wonder
it looks like a bloody, cobwebby spider's den. maybe that brown recluse spider that's on its site lives in pic #2...
2009-01-27 04:50:48

Ето Русская пизда!
2009-01-26 18:16:21

oh my thats sickening
2009-01-23 03:58:37

ohhhh now i get it! that helps alot for the explanation!!
2009-01-16 23:06:37

to jacktheripper:Незнам точно каквоие,но тази минджа неми харесва.Може да е от много котармангел!
2009-01-16 18:40:41

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