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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Medical → Plumber's job

Believe it or not, but the victim of that unusual masturbation activity is a real plumber. Fortunately, he did not lose his penis; that pipe was successfully removed by a physician with the help of... another plumber!

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ay dawg u should do porn hahah
2009-09-24 06:29:34

What the
2009-08-20 21:05:54

Anyone knows the best and most practical 'prop' to use in these sort of shennanigans, is good old fashioned dried Italian pasta. (not Oriental)
There's different shapes and sizes available to suit all.. erm, different shapes and sizes.
If the going gets tough?, or you suddenly lose interest?; There's no embarrassing trips to the Hospital, or calls to the Fire Brigade...
Simply immerse your penné-penis into some hot water, preferably with added salt. (for 18mins)...
And hey presto! You've got perfect pasta!.

p.s. If you suddenly regain the 'urge' before withdrawal?; just add some butter, and you've got a soft, warm, moist, lubricated, dripping, tight, enveloping... erm, piece of pasta!.
2009-08-18 06:39:53


Dude,that's outstanding. Do you realize how much patience, dedication and attention to detail went into the creation of this copper thing? Now, he should have had an EXIT strategy. Look at what happened to BUSH in Iraq. Everyone needs to have an exit strategy.


Exit stratergy.
2009-08-18 05:20:01

what a fuckin looser
2009-08-09 04:08:26

I want to know how or why he shoved his pecker through a 1" st 90 + 45 must of had lots of flux!
2009-08-07 19:32:20

Liddy be nice! Men just happen to think outside the box sometimes and things can go way wrong
2009-07-19 17:25:20

Liddy's just a fat dike that hates her life and doesn't get any dick.

dont mind her
2009-07-19 02:00:09

jew boy
i wonder if he's circumcised
2009-07-16 09:59:33

ur a fag woman are fags 2
2009-07-14 09:59:24

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