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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Medical → Plumber's job

Believe it or not, but the victim of that unusual masturbation activity is a real plumber. Fortunately, he did not lose his penis; that pipe was successfully removed by a physician with the help of... another plumber!

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2013-11-10 22:41:10

Now that tops the call to the fire department my husband got to assist a man with his penis caught in the vacuum hose!
2013-10-06 19:29:47

I don't here any jokes about plumbers
fucking around on the job either.
2013-07-04 22:02:24

couldn't get any cunt could you?
2013-06-17 21:09:59

it's a me MARIO
2013-05-18 11:55:18

Hardware Harry
Where's my map-gas torch and solder.
2013-03-26 01:50:49

(Ze) man (x)
Oh i have a no words
2013-03-21 10:38:23

I'm surprised someone didn't steal the copper.
2013-03-11 06:19:38

Well, that was pretty foolish. So when will he be suing the manufacturers of the copper pipe for failing to warn him of the dangers of masturbating with copper pipe?
2013-03-06 15:58:02

i have a life xD
LOL what a freakin' copper dick
2013-03-03 14:31:49

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