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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Medical → Plumber's job

Believe it or not, but the victim of that unusual masturbation activity is a real plumber. Fortunately, he did not lose his penis; that pipe was successfully removed by a physician with the help of... another plumber!

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he really likes copper
2011-05-20 00:58:15

I bet that went down well at the uniom hall.
2011-05-05 18:34:48

judge dredd
tin man need a heart fool not a cock!
2011-04-30 04:47:33

his idiot.what thing pushed him to do that . .he is
simply idiot
2011-04-24 02:11:03

저걸 어떻게 껴너은거야? _ _
2011-03-09 16:13:42

The copper fitting nearest to his scrotum is called a 45 degree elbow. The other copper fitting closest to the head of his dick is called a 90 degree street elbow. The plumber himself, well...he's a dickhead.
2011-02-06 22:02:08

un gil
2011-01-29 22:50:46

How the hell did he get that pipe on there? Seriously bring back eugenics to deplete these inferior beings.
2011-01-28 04:23:44

what im guessing is he was soft when he put his dick in the he got a raging boner which caused it to get stuck and the pipe acting like one of those rings that keep your dick hard therefore giving him a boner that wont go away unless pipes removed.
now the pipe was removed have fun never having a boner again (erectal disfunction) good job idiot
2011-01-11 07:55:33

Looks like the republicans own paid-dummy "Joe-the-plumber"!! His next trick was to use this pipe tool to rape the rear ends of the American citizens to give the republican politicians a break from doing it!
2010-12-31 00:10:52

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