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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Medical → Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Woman who suffers a seizure clamps down on the penis of the man she's orally pleasuring.

It happened in Calgary, Alberta. One night a young couple were brought into a hospital's emergency department; the woman was unconscious with head injuries and the man had obviously been injured in the area of his genitals. It seemed that while the two were in their kitchen cooking dinner, the woman - an epileptic - began fellating the man, and of course she suffered a fit; her jaws clamped down on the man's penis, and in desperation he seized the frying pan from the stove and beat her on the head with it until she let go.

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hahhahahahahaha somehow just that whole scenario is hilarious XD
2009-02-21 02:13:16

Don't let an epileptic give you head... duh!
2009-02-19 13:32:19

2009-02-14 02:11:20

아니 내가 고자가 됬다.. 이말인가

2009-02-13 14:40:04

Her name is Lorena Bobbit she is very famous for what she did, brutaly severed her husbands penis (john bobbit) , for he use to abuse her physically and mistreat her well, also mentioned he forced her to go under abortion. google it for more info ''Lorena Boobit wikipedia''
2009-02-10 23:25:06

that gonna be hell.... scream of life
2009-02-06 09:23:37

what a crazy couple
2009-02-05 22:21:40

Yours would be too if some epileptic bitch just bit the fuck out of it.
2009-02-05 19:17:38

wow, I feel bad just for the size of his dick, lol so small...
2009-02-03 22:55:37

damn it hurts me ......badly\
2009-01-28 01:27:19

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