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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Medical → Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Woman who suffers a seizure clamps down on the penis of the man she's orally pleasuring.

It happened in Calgary, Alberta. One night a young couple were brought into a hospital's emergency department; the woman was unconscious with head injuries and the man had obviously been injured in the area of his genitals. It seemed that while the two were in their kitchen cooking dinner, the woman - an epileptic - began fellating the man, and of course she suffered a fit; her jaws clamped down on the man's penis, and in desperation he seized the frying pan from the stove and beat her on the head with it until she let go.

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Thanks for the idea, the internet is so wonderful, hahaha.

-ps, never take your eyes, off the prize. FYI
2012-04-16 23:47:22

I CAN'T BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!! >XD
2012-04-12 08:37:27

This would be the funniest shit ever to see in a movie.
2012-03-06 00:50:01

I would of stuck my thumbs in her eye balls up to the hilt and then stuck the handle of the fry pan in her mouth breaking teeth if i had to then i would of leevered her jaw open then i would of passed out but not before bashing her brains out with that fucking fry pan.
2012-02-27 03:46:35

You can tell it was a circumcision with
separation. Look at the penile skin
difference where the stitches are. I had
a circumcision at 19 and mine done
almost the same thing here. just not as
2012-02-26 05:44:22

Have you heard a epo grind teeth while haveing seisure maybe not
2012-02-20 14:25:06

Why was the frying pan the first thing he grabbed
he couldn't of forced her mouth open I think he
was just angry at her for something
2012-02-17 05:31:06

the next chick i meet i will be asking if she has epilepsy for sure
2012-01-27 01:49:41

its a pity this guy didnt pull out his mobile to make a pov porno that would of made the best comedy i would have ever seen in my life ha ha ha ohh shit
2012-01-03 15:42:38

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ohh ohh ah ah ah ah ohhh ohh ahhh ha ha ha ha
2012-01-03 15:39:25

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