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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Terrorism → 11 March 2004 Madrid train bombings

The 11 March 2004 Madrid train bombings (also known as 3/11 and in Spanish as 11-M) consisted of a series of coordinated bombings against the Cercanias (commuter train) system of Madrid, Spain on the morning of 11 March 2004 (three days before Spain's general elections), killing 191 people and wounding 1,755.

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yeh its terrorism but islam dosnt say to do that
2009-06-23 14:06:08

Вот ето внатуре пездец=)
2009-06-22 06:04:33

AND that's how Zapatero won the elections..
2009-06-19 20:45:35

나 외의 다른 한국인이 있었다니
2009-06-05 12:23:52

Dave is a cunt
@ dave killed god : you stupid fuck. you should get hit by a train, both your legs sliced of by it and somebody should post the pics on here. Then I would be LMFAO!!!
2009-05-28 20:37:04

Madrid is in Spain! You stupid crackers!
2009-04-30 00:54:44

We no longer call these fine folks, "Terrorists" or Enemy Combatants. We call these actions "Acts of Man" Islam is our friend.

2009-04-26 10:31:29

Dave Killed god
I would laugh my ass off if another train came down those tracks and hit all of those people sitting on the tracks
2009-03-13 05:21:33

2009-03-11 03:05:42

Hey dumbass motherfuckers madrid is in SPAIN not
2009-03-09 23:49:52

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