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Friday, December 26, 2008

Accident → Children's holiday party on doomed plane

Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937, registration RA-85816, was a Tupolev 154M passenger jet en route from Moscow, Russia, to Barcelona, Spain. DHL Flight 611, registration A9C-DHL, was a Boeing 757-23APF cargo jet flying from Bergamo, Italy, to Brussels, Belgium. The two aircraft collided in mid-air on 1 July 2002, at 21:35 (UTC) over the towns of Owingen and Uberlingen in Germany, (near Lake Constance), killing all 71 aboard both aircraft. The German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Investigation (BFU) determined on 19 May 2004, that the accident had been caused by problems within the air traffic control system and problems with the use of the collision warning system. On 24 February 2004, the controller who was on duty at the time, Dane Peter Nielsen, was stabbed to death by Vitaly Kaloyev who had lost his wife and two children in the accident.

Flight 2937 was a chartered flight carrying 60 passengers and 9 crew. 45 of the passengers were Bashkortostan schoolchildren being taken to a resort in the Costa Dorada area of Spain as a prize for their win in republican competitions. Here you can see the body's part of Vitaly Kaloev's wife who died in this accident.

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Anyone who vistits this site is sick(yep, me too). Don't come here claiming to be "seeking knowledge". May be " sick" but I'm not a sick lier
2009-12-26 07:12:16

this is so horrible... 45 kids, air trqaffic controller dis 2 years later murdered, they how the poor mans wife here... fucking narly
2009-12-25 13:08:38

It seems like only me and a handful of people on here are the only sane ones here. we are not the ones that are the sick people that come onto this site for twisted pleasure. we are just seeking knowledge.
2009-12-24 06:39:27

they are kids.....guys wake up.....WHat u jack off on this pics watching innocent kids die....
2009-12-23 14:59:04

45 little fuckers that obviously weren't supposed to live.
2009-12-08 07:39:08

45 little kids. horrible
2009-11-11 04:20:45

sure it happened fast, probably didnt even have time to experience fear or pain, guess thats a bit comforting
2009-09-11 00:25:41

I Want To Believe
The picture quality is so shitty it almost looks fake...
2009-09-05 00:41:01

2009-09-02 00:22:34

You narcos are fucking weird. Get a doctor or
2009-08-12 17:11:03

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