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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fake → Real snuff film?

Old and famous real snuff film of murdering young woman.

Video: Download "real_snuff_film.wmv"

A snuff film or snuff movie is a motion picture genre that depicts the actual death or murder of a person or people, without the aid of special effects, for the express purpose of distribution and entertainment.

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I watched this shit when I was like 10, back in the days of KaZaA. It's obvious fake. Fail snuff is fail.
2009-10-04 11:29:46

super fake
2009-09-30 11:54:06

This movie has been proven to be fake. Also the original author has confirmed that this film is not real. If you look very closely you can see that the blood also does not spray around, but is just like a cup a ketchup being thrown to the wall. Also, the shot itself and the moment the blood pops out has a too big delay to be real. Not to forget the image used to describe this film is evidence of being fake. Look at the photoshopped smoke lol.
2009-09-21 21:58:46

Should happen to every woman who ever
cashed an alimony or child support check.
2009-09-12 10:54:08

I don't believe
Another example of well-known fakes being presented on this P.O.S. site as 'real'.

Anyone interested in real and well-documented images should visit - a very well done site with original images and true descriptions. Though sadly it hasn't been updated in years.
2009-09-07 23:25:23

I Want To Believe
Hey Grape, we can all tell its need to explain bullshit ballistics you learn off of CSI or NCIS
2009-09-05 00:39:46

fake, the blood splatter trajectory is too far out of the trajectory of the bullet, there is far too much thick blood and no guts/bone or other tissue.
2009-09-03 09:51:37

good try
but its not real
2009-09-01 09:31:02

juan torrez
that stupid bitch i would of said i will suck your dick
2009-08-29 18:51:53

ReCON Artist
That was a good special effect tho, need a little more work on it tho. Like you can draw in the bullet wound on her forehead as her head is tilting backwards. otherwise the blood effect's awesome.
2009-08-29 05:31:12

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