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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fake → Real snuff film?

Old and famous real snuff film of murdering young woman.

Video: Download "real_snuff_film.wmv"

A snuff film or snuff movie is a motion picture genre that depicts the actual death or murder of a person or people, without the aid of special effects, for the express purpose of distribution and entertainment.

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It's fake. The hammer of the revolver remains in the cocked position even after the shot. Plus the sound effect is pathetic.
2009-07-11 19:36:08
This video reminds me of one of those cheap shot on video horror films from the 80's, all the way down to the DIY FX. The Ukrainian Hammer Killings mentioned below is the closest I've ever seen to a real snuff film...really brutal stuff. Now supposedly one of the kids involved with those killings was planning to sell the videos on the black market to people that were interested in purchasing that sort of film. If this is true than while no snuff film has ever been found there is obviously a market for it. Thousands of people disappear and are murdered daily. With humans as fucked as we are, ss it that absurd to think that people are not making/buying snuff films?
2009-07-10 00:06:52

mr HitMan
iv shot enugh people in the head to know this is fake!
2009-07-08 00:12:51

the reaper
snuff films do exist but there are extremely hard to find....
even on the internet
but if u guys want a really disturbing snuff film search up 3 GUYS 1 HAMMER
its is the most disturbing thing ive ever seen *you have been warned*
2009-07-04 21:36:13

i dont know looks real to me
2009-07-03 00:49:00

its fake yeah, over acting the girl. when she shot she so very move her head backward, I think when you shot u cant move ur head back, hahahha fuunny, overacting girl
2009-07-02 02:07:40

2009-06-29 03:25:45

Looks like a load of shit to me.
2009-06-27 03:14:18

um duh- She actually says "snuff films do not exsist" but she could be saying that because she doesn't want to belive that she's really going to be killed? If you pause it at 3 seconds (or the tagged photo), you can actually see the entrance wound and her head snaps back pretty realistically. she's also looking at him/ the gun the whole time.
2009-06-25 01:24:48

I'M THE CAMERAMAN! My name is Phillip McCrack, and don't mess with me!!!!
2009-06-23 06:42:09

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