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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Murder → The Negro Holocaust: Lynching in the United States

According to the Tuskegee Institute figures, between the years 1882 and 1951, 4730 people were lynched in the United States: 3437 Negro and 1293 white.

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OMFG, we're NOT AMERICAN, so why would we abide by american law?!

and um, there's a reason its called english; cos it was created in ENGLAND. you americans speak english, not 'american'.

you need to do a bit of history research :)
2010-11-22 18:14:27

One more thing maya, pepe and tara,
Chances are you need to go back to where you came from . Yea people came from other places years ago, But they learned to speak english adopt american cultures, Etc. we became one nation, under GOD!!!!with justice for all. You motherfuckers don't abide by the laws of the U.S. so YOU GO FUCKING DIE!!!!oh and pepe you little wetback fucker,I hope
I cann see a photo of you on the website oneday!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-11-22 16:10:24

AHHHH pepe!!!!
Take your spanish ass back across the border!!!!!
2010-11-22 15:58:34

I wonder if you've ever thought that it could in fact
be people like you that it all comes back to? The
answer to that would probably be 'no' as it seems
you are so fucking close minded you cannot
comprehend something that in your mind would
probably be far too complex. C'mon, you seriously
don't think you're in the right here? Oh wait, you
probably do because you are so far up your own
ass that you can't think anything/act in any way
that wouldn't benefit your own ego.
2010-11-21 20:19:42

Why would I lie about my race? I'm not a ridiculous
cunt, sorry to disappoint. If you're gonna start on
the stereotypes I'm gonna go ahead and assume
that you are a failing-at-life dirty pikey that is so
ashamed of the life you are currently leading that
you chose to knock other people down in order to
feel some superiority, whether you are aware of this
or not. Also you do realize that it is a fact that if
someone is constantly being stereotyped that they
can in fact unknowingly change into the stereotype
they are given.
2010-11-21 20:19:34

HA HA !!
AND @ Tara - fucking liar, you are NOT
white - all you pieces of shitskins
always say you're white & ashamed to be
white blah de blah. i wonder how many
niggers are ashamed to be black when
their brethren murder rob rape &
generally act like monkeys?
2010-11-20 14:01:17

and the sooner you lot realise that the MAJORITY of people think like me and tara, THATS when the world can start to progress.
2010-11-19 21:50:27

I just find it extremely hard to comprehend how
anyone can judge someone because of their
race/skin colour. You guys do realize that we have
NO CHOICE WHAT-SO-EVER over where we are
born or what culture we are born into. I am white,
and you know what, I'm fucking embarrassed, even
ashamed to be white because of you low-life fucks
that get off on discriminating against people over
factors that they have absolutely no control over.
Karma's a bitch and you are gonna regret this one
day. Just sayin'.
2010-11-19 21:46:29

and surely me and other 'half-breeds' set a good example for humankind? races mixing, multi-culturalism?

if everyone looked the same, we would all get bored of looking at eachother!
2010-11-19 21:19:23

well said pepe!
2010-11-19 20:52:27

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