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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Murder → The Negro Holocaust: Lynching in the United States

According to the Tuskegee Institute figures, between the years 1882 and 1951, 4730 people were lynched in the United States: 3437 Negro and 1293 white.

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To Jew Boy
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2009-07-06 05:10:09

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2009-07-05 20:34:14

Now I know I can understand the german feeling and from what I can see, I was RIGHT. U such an ignorant, and the megazine is SCIENCE!! What a mother fucker. At least I do have a master degree, all you have is your frustration and ignorance. Now start praying cuz sure u'll be one of those... Fuck off jew jerk
2009-07-05 20:25:58

Give up the text talk, Savi and get command of the English language.
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2009-07-05 16:45:01

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2009-07-05 14:06:26

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2009-07-05 14:05:52

(part 2) I dont need a scientist to prove that u r a dumb ass(what u say shows exactly how stupid u r), the science proves it by itself but u r so ignorant that u cant even search 4 sum real info bout DNA & the so called "black race".I've made mistakes typing cuz this bs just gets on my nerves but I've seen that u have tried to speak some nasty italian,well dumb ass,be4 trying to speak our language,wash ur mouth & then MAYBE u can try to speak it.Then remember just a simple thing,white ppl have treated black ppl as slaves, the same white ppl killed jewish ppl 4 the same reason u hate blks, so if I'd be in ur shoes,I'd really stop hating cuz u r not in the position to speak ur mind like that
2009-07-05 14:05:28

(part 1) 4 ur info I got a life,a job & a master degree but from what I can see u spend ur whole life on this website so now who should get a real life, me or u?I dont know what kind of women u have met in ur life (if you have ever had one & if we can call ur shitty life a real life),sure I dont need a black man to satisfy me but I need a real man and sure u r not one of those(let me guess,ur ex just broke up to stay with a blk dude cuz u cant even satisfy urself).I barely can call u a male just like every other beast on this earth.
2009-07-05 14:05:04

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