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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Murder → The Negro Holocaust: Lynching in the United States

According to the Tuskegee Institute figures, between the years 1882 and 1951, 4730 people were lynched in the United States: 3437 Negro and 1293 white.

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too the poster below
Not too sure, the guy is a cowardly fag who just blows hot air out of his ass
this is the mail address he \she\it posted but I'm sure it's fake or he \she\it,never uses it.
2009-04-04 00:46:21

hey to the message below... you sent him an email?... did he ever leave his email here?... Let me send something to this fucker... Is it real email?
2009-04-04 00:07:52

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2009-04-03 04:13:30

Argument long lost and gone
and also Africa is NOT nation you dumbfuck... Africa is Continent. NOT nation... learn the fucking difference you stupid ass nigger loving fuck ... I may be dick but if you want to defend blacks then at least get your fucking facts straight and do some research before opening your piehole and flapping. Go suck some cock instead because that's what you need for your big mouth to crave.
2009-04-02 04:25:46

Argument long lost and gone
hey to the person who said "Africa had the best schools" and such bullshit... Africa never even fucking invented a wheel in any of her history... They still eat bugs and cow shit for breakfast and wash their hair with camel, donkey urine... And you say that people used to look up to these bunch of dirty savages?... You must be smoking bong my brother... you need some psychological help and a reality check there... If you love niggers so much I suggest that you move to South Africa where we whites get butchered like a fucking sheeps by fucking upstanding negro thugs
2009-04-02 04:24:05

The josh
i just read the entire comment section for this picture and it made me realize.not one person here is right. Sure these ppl in the picture might have been lynched because they comitted a crime but maybe not, maybe they were just walking home. and some whites saw them and said, "hey look some blacks, you know what guys I'm bored" and there you go. murderers. There is no such thing as a master race. We ALL fuck up, we ALL kill, we ALL cry, scream, die, feel pain. we are all in some way a savage. You all have to realize that soon there will be no such thing as races. soon there will be a mix of all races. and this shit will have to stop.
2009-04-01 22:04:47

2009-03-31 05:56:34

2009-03-31 05:54:20

2009-03-31 05:53:48

Racist people are fucking retarded
To all the people who think that blacks are dumb and useless, just to to let you all know that over 1,000 years ago, Africa was the leading nation in education. They had the best schools in the world and also the smartest mother fuckers on the planet. I am not saying that they are the greatest people now, but before all the gang bullshit and racist shit started, the world looked up to them. I am white 25% native american, 25% Irish, and 50% Scottish, and I have lots of black friends who are just like me, trying to make a difference in this fucked up world. If you stupid fucks don't get over yourself and realize that we all breed hate and need to stop, then what are our grand children going to grow up in?? Is it everybodies goal to make hell on earth? Nothing will ever change unless we all work together to make a difference.
2009-03-28 14:35:24

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