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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Murder → The Negro Holocaust: Lynching in the United States

According to the Tuskegee Institute figures, between the years 1882 and 1951, 4730 people were lynched in the United States: 3437 Negro and 1293 white.

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Tony K
Joe you are a hypocrite as someone said in the post before calling some one a retard isn't giving friendly advice so fuck off idiot. As for the fake Ham post it could be anyone pretending to be him because lots of people hate him (Even his ex buttfriend and fellow racist NurseBilly turned against him)but hey it's easier for him to blame me because he is of very low intelligence.And as for being a sick fuck I think the evidence is clear who is the sick fuck is eh Ham by most of your pathetic posts.
2009-02-27 07:21:46

who's who
Hey Ham I gotta say this to you. Fuck you. You think you whites are perfect?... Actually there are more whites who are degenerates and who are violent, get food stamps and lazy. Stop stereotyping and actually black people are improving very fast and they are human too so shut up and sholve that racism back to your ass you stupid cunt. In Russia, the white skinheads kill anyone who is not white and they kill anyone who is not Russian and they yell "White pride" while killing innocent children, elderly, and women and yeah what are you going to say now? you fucking inbred redneck piece of trash.
2009-02-27 07:15:31

hates youuu
oh jesus. How old are you guys? 14-18? grow up. and your president is BLACK! if you dont like it, GO TO FUCKIN MEXICO YOU DRUNKEN RED NECK BASTERS
2009-02-27 03:58:28

and also Tony K, I will give you my address. It is 8473 William Pond Dr Austin TX 94833 and my email is Give me your address so we can fucking fight like you said. If your too scared to leave your address, send it to me via email so we can seriously settle this once for all you stupid fucking nigger.
2009-02-27 00:33:10

the last post about me saying "Ham
Keep your nose out you fucking piece of shit Joe.I'm a former MMA fighter you grub so fuck with me and I'll split your skull open with an axe you Obama loving maggot." IS NOT ME, clearly someone like Tony K is pretending to be me because he is schizophreniac and loves to have multiple personality disorder. Tony K is a sick fuck
2009-02-27 00:27:51

Fuck you Tony K, I was just giving you a friendly advice you piece of shit, you wanna fight me too?
2009-02-27 00:26:40

Tony K
You haven't a fucking clue Ham not a fucking clue.Joe,keep your beak out,
2009-02-27 00:19:34


2009-02-26 18:42:18

We are looking for illustrations like the above
lynching. Let us know if you have good sources.
2009-02-26 14:12:38

Sara Lock
Joe what part of your brain thought that was a smart move? Playing forum watchdog and giving advice by insulting the very people you want to stop arguing."Do as I say not as I do" right? Let me guess American? Judging by your post it seems you want in on the action if not move on.Ham doesn't bother me or anyone else but Tony K clearly bothers Ham and I for one is enjoying the way Tony K is standing up to and verbally bitch slapping and humiliating that forum bully.
2009-02-26 09:56:21

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