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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Murder → The Negro Holocaust: Lynching in the United States

According to the Tuskegee Institute figures, between the years 1882 and 1951, 4730 people were lynched in the United States: 3437 Negro and 1293 white.

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ATTENTION ALL DUMBASS, CRACKHEADED, AND 15 YEAR OLD NIGGERS: This thread has been running a little too far now. Please proceed to the new lynching photo I like to refer to as "Mr. Olympia"
2009-02-03 02:55:31

Tony K
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2009-02-02 22:40:38

Tony K
this is smart:
You fucking fag wipe,you talk about blacks being "Animalistic"(It's not even a word you cock sucker) this website is full of videos and pictures of white "Animalistic" behaviour,what a well thought out argument you retard.Get a life you stupid cunt.
2009-02-02 22:37:41

Ham fuck off at least i don't get food stamps and free housing.
2009-02-02 21:56:08

NurseBilly you are a disgrace to whites, everywhere. At least I have a decent job, didn't you read my fucking previous posts before you fucking bitch. I already told you and other cocksuckers here what I do for living. Oracle Database administrator. Unlike you, I don't hold up signs with "5 dollars for toothless blowjob" and I don't live on welfare like other low life rednecks and niggers here. Go get a job you fucking scumbag.
2009-02-02 18:53:18

Ham you are a disgrace to whites everywhere you fucking fag you have no money or job like me,I'm top man at my hospital where I supervise the cleaning of toilets whilst fawning up to the doctors
2009-02-02 17:01:25

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2009-02-02 16:57:47

Mr P.
And whites have caused more global crime than any other race,maybe they should all be terminated at birth.
2009-02-02 12:21:46

this is smart:
Blacks are one of the most criminal people in the United States today (ref:, comprising of more than fifty percent of federal inmates. MORE THAN ONE THIRD OF THE LYNCHED ARE WHITE; this can be summed up as more whites per crime WERE LYNCHED if current crime statistics were relevant in the days of lynching.

To summarize: blacks are animalistic, default on house loans then play the race card and DESERVE more than lynching even in todays society. YOUR CHILDREN, ADULTS, MEN AND WOMEN need a walk to a big pit and shot in the back of the head...........PERIOD.

You guys are the wreakers of society and haters of America.
2009-02-02 07:02:24

Fuck you Tony K, Fuck you NurseBilly and Fuck you everyone. Ya'll can argue and fight all ya'll want but the fact that I earn more $$$ money than all of ya'll cocksuckers combined is totally sad. eh? LOL HAHAHAHHA
2009-02-02 06:42:07

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