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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Murder → The Negro Holocaust: Lynching in the United States

According to the Tuskegee Institute figures, between the years 1882 and 1951, 4730 people were lynched in the United States: 3437 Negro and 1293 white.

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Tony K: LOL! Am I susposed to shit the floor ever time I see somebody murdered? What happened to the big, tough nigga' gangsta'? You wouldn't last 5 minutes in an ER.
2009-01-25 16:08:44

Tony K
To Ham;

Half way down the page.
2009-01-25 07:39:46

to Tony K, hey why don't you show me where Nursebilly said that. Link me it. I want to see how sick he is
2009-01-25 06:26:40

Ham, you really were a very sheltered child weren't you...The same "shit" that slaves were forced to eat is the FOOD most WHITES LOVE eating today and as for real masters and all idiot, like I said before educate yourself because your school system obviously wasn't...If they did you would know how GREAT your people actually were...Did you know that before blacks or mexicans were brought into slavery whites enslaved their own...For all you know your roots may be included in the slave trade...As for blacks being morons...You can't honestly be serious...I have seen so many whites try to be someone they're not by acting a certain way and for the rest of them that aren't trying to talk with slang or whatnot, they are tanning and getting cancer from UV rays just to be darker like us...Lastly for who I am...I am a very educated and strong black, mexican, and WHITE woman...Assholes like you make me wish I wasn't a part of your deranged race.
2009-01-25 05:11:13

Tony K
Pigfucker,for you to brand all Anglo Saxons as such makes you just as bad as Ham or NurseBilly,Don't lower yourself to their level,there are good and bad people from all races.I have many good white friends that certainly are not pigfuckers.
2009-01-25 02:09:27

This phrase is what Muslims and Jews call Anglo-Saxons. I know, cause I am Muslim.
2009-01-24 23:30:33

ham,did your brother wear a mask when he fucked your mum or were they aware from the offset?
2009-01-24 19:08:05

it makes me laugh how painfully stupid you are.READ.he's not the girl,i am.Also,i know your maths extends as far as 20 then it all gets a bit confusing but 500k is MORE than 120K dipshit.
you've also proved your an animal.advance out of the 30's you pigfucker racist
i hope your dick is compensating for something for your sake,but if your this much of a wanker i doubt it
2009-01-24 19:05:45

Tony K
If you want proof of what a rearded sick person our so called NurseBilly is,on this forum there is a picture of a murdered white woman that's had her arms and legs chopped off how does our "Caring "nurse respond???Here's what he posted under the picture.
"Hey,I like this guy's style. Trim off the unnecessary bulk and save the bare essentials.This guy should market his idea: "At last, the perfect female. She doesn't bitch, lie, steal, or run off with your neighbor. Buy your own little portable cum dumpster, today. Shipping and handeling not included."
2009-01-24 16:43:01

Tony K
White chick I'm sorry that you were treated the way you were treated,but myself being mixed race was subjected to racism 24\7 in a white school here in the U.K.,I don't hate all whites because of this,just idiots like Ham that preach and spread hate.
2009-01-24 13:46:38

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