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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Murder → The Negro Holocaust: Lynching in the United States

According to the Tuskegee Institute figures, between the years 1882 and 1951, 4730 people were lynched in the United States: 3437 Negro and 1293 white.

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A self hating white girl. Not only is her words irrelevant, but she is crazed by the cool aid she drinks with her tea.
2009-01-22 22:36:49

Lol@ james and TonyK
2009-01-22 20:34:53

Tony K
Give it up ToiletscrubberBilly,Ham and all you other spastics out there,you are losing this argument,the more bile you spew the more people will come out and put worms like you down and in their rightful place.You can "Nigger" all you like,but to me that's better than being an inbred toilet cleaner like you.
I find maggots like you entertaining because you don't realise how many people piss themselves with laughter at what you write, keep it coming my little insignificant toilet brushes,I eat cunts like you lot for breakfast.
2009-01-22 20:32:58

Mr P.
As a white man I will personally apologise to all races for the words of the biggots on this forum.NurseBilly and Ham do not represent the views of decent honest whites, I have many friends with different racial backgrounds and I am truly shocked at the attitude of racists on this planet,Like a 15 year old irl pointed out to you,racists are a dying breed.
2009-01-22 20:23:52

Joshua Adebayo
Mister Billy,I will not insult you,you seem to have an opinion based on what you say is fact can I ask you a question,have you ever visited the continent of Africa? I am from Cameroon and for you to make all these assumptions without visiting Africa is totally wrong of you.Do you bas your facts on what you see on American Tv?If so then I will do the same and say that America is just as bad a place to live as Cameroon.Now you will note 2 things
A.I have asked you a question without resorting to insults(Do you think as a "Superioe person"you can answer in the same way?)
B.I am not hiding behind any false name,you can have my E-mail address and home address if required.
2009-01-22 20:17:43

Hang all racist fucks like they did to Mussolini.
2009-01-22 20:08:55

"If you want niggers out of your favorite sport, just add water" if we add tact will you fuck off then? also : "I can make your stay as comfortable or as miserable as I see fit" i'm guessing this is why you clean up other people's shit,your pretty obviously a failure as your job.Ah,it brings tears of joy to my eyes.about 90% of the sports you listed were invented by other races.The only reason your "better" (which is bullshit anyway) is because you managed to figure out by changing the rules in your favour you could win.
You know what,as much as i agree with Maria F,hell isn't good enough for you little racist shits.
2009-01-22 19:14:01

NurseBilly wrote;
"If you want niggers out of your favorite sport, just add water."

If you want nursebilly to get back to work,just shit on the floor....
2009-01-22 19:10:45

Maria F.
Nursebilly and all you other idiots,you all act as if the world owes you big time without offering anything back.It's clear to many on here who the idiots are,Here's some questions for you all-Were you bullied at school?Did your mothers not give you enough milk along with the other pigs during suckling time?Do you all have small dicks? What? I'm curious.As a white Christian woman living here in the US(Canadian origin)I have my prejudices too but they are not based on skin color more to do with how people think and whilst I find you all disgusting to the human race,I pity you all because some of you may reach old age as sad lonely people and when faced with your imminent mortality only then will you see the errors of your ways,by then it will be too late....Rot in hell all of you racist idiots.
2009-01-22 19:02:18

Tony K
NurseBilly the janitor wrote;
"Tony K" writes like some loudmouth, hip-hop street nigger who couldn't think his way out of a wet paper sack.

This is from a man(I use that word in the lamest possible term when referring to you) that's too cowardly to face a 15 year old girl,hasn't taken up my offer to face me with the same bullshit then threatens me over the internet with guns and his mop.It's clear to everyone on here who the chicken shit coward is,at least I use my real name and not hide behind a cowardly pseudonym Like you do(I bet you don't understand what that means do you?)
2009-01-22 18:47:10

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