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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Murder → The Negro Holocaust: Lynching in the United States

According to the Tuskegee Institute figures, between the years 1882 and 1951, 4730 people were lynched in the United States: 3437 Negro and 1293 white.

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Erm "Nigger",is it alright if I call you "Nigger"?Judging by your garbage you spew up on here,it looks like I overestimated the number of your brain cells. So by your reckoning it won't be too long till the white man dies out too?Look at the conflicts going on around europe as evidence of this,And here's something for you to think about "If" you believe in God then you are in for one hell of a shock because you my little toilet stain by your own logic will end up in Hell, BTW the devil is a black dude that will have you ass raped for the rest of eternity.....You'd probably like that won't you?
2009-01-19 15:55:16

I see blacks as an extinct race that god himself is trying to let die. No other explaination for it, proof is in the pudding. Black crime, AIDS rates and murder rates speak for themselves. Not to mention that the black race depends on falsehoods to make them seem better off than they really are ( Propaganda is the only reason people voted for Obama, propaganda that the whites in America has endured for over a generation.
2009-01-19 07:58:13

aka more like A fucKing retArd
Black people cant even run a city, house or a nation without total failure being the result. Superior...BLACKS...HAHAHAHAH. Blacks are not what I see as anything more than excuse making, blame shifting, heinious morons who, by the way, ACCOUNT FOR MORE CRIME PER CAPITA THAN ANY OTHER RACE IN THE WORLD.

They are like you: A RETARD.
2009-01-19 07:40:50

I voice my opinion
I go to college and pull out statistics and facts about blacks and their roach bug attitudes IN PUBLIC. I also refer the "bell curve" to many a professor who disputs my original statements that blacks simply ARE NOT human. If the differance between blacks and other races were found in the animal kingdom then they would be a seperate species; this is the truth.

RACIST OR NOT, the truth hurts....and blacks are still retarded.
2009-01-19 07:36:13

wow. this got really long and interesting. these racist individuals don't voice their opinions in public, i bet...and yeah props to aka and tony :)
2009-01-19 02:32:17

NurseBilly lol more like JanitorBilly
2009-01-19 00:53:19

David O'Connell
NurseBilly you make me wish I wasn't human let alone white,people like you are an embarrassment to the whites, blacks and every other human on this planet.aka and Tony K plus every other decent person on this site,I'm loving your responses to nursebilly's trash...brilliant.
2009-01-18 22:14:31

Tony K
Aka you are top gun,I'll e-mail you later as for nursebilly,game set match to aka..... Nursebilly you fucking spastic,how you come up with your trash is simply stupyfying you work as a fucking janitor in a two bit hospital and you call yourself "Educated" and "Superior"?? Fuck me here I am as a "Nigger",an "Inferior human being" to you earning 500k a year advising the superior white man about internet security,I am so glad white trash like you are here to put me a "Wanna be tough guy gangsta" in my place.Thank you, I prostrate myself at your feet.Now I'm off to tell my beautiful WHITE Danish girlfriend how lucky we are to be living in a nice apartment driving an Audi TT and Beamer Z4 because all we do is take from "Educated tax payers" and not work for it.

Oh and P.S the only one whining and puking over this forum are retards like you,but if you didn't care you probably won't respond to this,I'm betting my Beamer Z4 that you do though now moron we all wait your wise words.....
2009-01-18 21:28:00

fuck this fucking email me if you have a problem
and anyone else.
2009-01-18 20:42:53

to be honest it's quite obvious that you are shit at your job,you don't care about are a drone.Repeating your fucked up little beliefs over and over again because you're out of your tiny mind with resent because no one respects your beliefs anymore.sorry to burst your bubble cunt.
2009-01-18 20:29:46

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