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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Murder → The Negro Holocaust: Lynching in the United States

According to the Tuskegee Institute figures, between the years 1882 and 1951, 4730 people were lynched in the United States: 3437 Negro and 1293 white.

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use your brain idiot,i wait,i'm sorry,poor choice of words
they evolved first.i appreciate that's a big word for you but try to do know that your the only one laughing at what you type right? the whole "lmfao" thing just makes you seem like white trash.oh god i'm sorry another poor choice there.
here's the thing cunt,can i call you cunt? good.most people,and i say most people here meaning to include the black community and non racist fuckers (i.e not you),most people find a problem and work on it,try to progress past it.white twats like you make tv shows about it.You are not most are somewhat like a have no reason to be and when you can't accept that there are people with brains and morals and intelligence past your comprehension regardless of their skin tone,you lash out.come out of your shitty little hive and take a look at this fucking planet and how much "most people" have progressed.
2009-01-18 20:29:36

"aka": "the first people were African", that makes them inferior because they are the oldest and most primative. Are you suggesting that a caveman is genetically superior to someone born in 2009?(LMFAO!!!) Likewise, are you going to compare a modern day white man with a tree swinging African monkey who was your great grand daddy?(ROFLMFAO!!!) If your race is so "superior" to the white race, why are you people always bitching about what you don't have?

If you've had thousands of years of "superiority" over the white man, why aren't all the white people living in government housing and bitching about how "unfairly" the black man has treated them?
2009-01-18 17:53:00

intellectually,morally,culturally and genetically inferior?
the first people were what? say it with me now: African.i.e genetically superior.i thinks this web page is proof that racist white fucks morals are a lil bit fucked up.Black people are clearly more intelligent than racist white fucks like you,we can use you and ham as exhibits a and b for that.Oh and i don't think that burgerking,shopping centers and a religion that has been imposed on other people counts as a culture really.
i'm sorry i just can't take you seriously when you try to act hard and essentially all you are is someone who wasn't smart enough to be a doctor and instead follows doctors around doing their dirty work.
The best part is every time some piece of shit comes out of your mouth about 3 people stand up against you.Proof that racist fucks like you are a dying breed.
2009-01-18 17:18:23

Tony "Wanna be tough guy gangster" K: No, that's fine, you and all the other lazy ass, good for nothing, bitch and wine all day about what they don't have niggers can puke all over this forum as much as you please. My point is this: It won't change the fact that you are intellectually, morally, culturally, and geneticly inferior to the white man.

I asked you before and I ask again: Can you name one country on earth run by blacks that has a higher standard of living than any country run by whites?
2009-01-18 16:22:54

Nursebilly is taking a verbal bitchslapping and I love it....
2009-01-18 12:00:51

Tony K
NurseBilly calls himself educated and all he does is clean towels at a local hospital lol........Btw if you get sooooooooooooo tired of hearing "The same old bullshit rhetoric from all of us liberal, asskissing obama lovers" then stop spouting your shit because everytime a retarded hypocrite like yourself opens their fucking mouths people will react,do the math you cowardly moron.
2009-01-18 12:00:21

Nursebilly if you hate "Nigger so much then pack your bags and fuck off to another planet..idiot.
2009-01-18 11:55:10

You know, I get so tired of hearing the same old bullshit rhetoric from all of you liberal, asskissing obama lovers out there. You people have been recycling the same old horseshit ever since MLK was assasinated: "The white man is bigoted! The white man is cruel! The white man is sexist! If it weren't for whitey, I'd be living in Beverly Hills and driving a Bentley with some big ass chrome wheels! The white man is always keeping us po' lil' niggas' down, kicking us 'round! But I can see the Mo' fuckn' promised land! I know Obama is gonna' save my lazy black ass and I won't have to work for nothn'!"

Let me tell you something, If you all hate whitey so much, pack you bags and fly your asses back home to Africa where you will be treated "fairly" while you starve to death.
2009-01-18 03:54:46

"Ham is an inbred retard:" the reason you did a tour of duty in Iraq is not because of educated and well paid professional white men like myself. It's because we have allowed a muslim, sandnigger culture to move in and take over traditional American culture.

You're going to sit there and blame terrorism on a god damned Registered Nurse who works his ass off and pays his taxes? It's because of citizens like me that you are well fed and not out throwing rocks on the battlefield in your fucking pajamas(LMFAO!!!)

Did I make 9-11 happen or was it a bunch of raghead, sandnigger extremists who hijacked those planes that crashed into the World Trade Towers?

By the way, don't get too cozy, I hear Washington is going to ship your ass off to Iran real soon.
2009-01-18 02:19:27

Black an proud
People like Aka and others standing up to scum like Ham,Nursefagbilly and Fufoo Le Fag,is the main reason why I have not lost faith in the human race in general.
2009-01-17 23:34:46

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