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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Murder → The Negro Holocaust: Lynching in the United States

According to the Tuskegee Institute figures, between the years 1882 and 1951, 4730 people were lynched in the United States: 3437 Negro and 1293 white.

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Ham is stupid
Ham coming from Thailand I have to point out to you all the White (Mostly American and European)tourist that come here and have sex with Children as young as 6 our prisons are full of White yankie child fuckers like your good educated self.And you accuse a poster of reverting to insults yet you do it yourself.I suppose that makes you a hypocrite as well as an "Educated" inbred retard.
2009-01-16 15:32:26

Well, "aka", let me tell you this much. Thanks to all the racist, "cuntlike", Irishmen who built the railroads, the shipping industry, and the skyscrappers that line the New York City horizon, America is the wealthiest, most successful, and prosperous nation on earth. That's more than I can say for your tree swinging ancestors in Africa who are all starving or decapitating each other.

Name one important discovery that can be credited to Africans besides peanut butter or fried okara. (LMAO!!!)
2009-01-16 03:35:19

i'm not actually black and i didn't mean my comment directed at all white people
doesn't make it right does it?are you saying because it's been done before we should keep doing it?
if your gonna quote someone get it right
i said "cunts like you" meaning the racist idiots that can't get to grips with the fact that someone is different.thats what i meant by next time
you should catch up with the rest of the human race who have managed to deal with it and respect people of other races.i'm not calling white people cunts,i'm calling racist people cunts.
2009-01-15 18:54:16

aka: "We fucked all the niggers over?" Excuse me? Who do you think sold your ancestors to the white slave traders in the first place? Answer: another tribe of niggers who won the war and seized your village.

You see, slavery was not brought to Africa by the Europeans, it already existed before the first white men stepped foot on African soil. Who do you think built the pyramids in Eqypt, a god damn construction workers union? LOL! No, dumbass, they were black slaves. Who do you think worked in the gold and diamond mines for the kings of Africa and Arabia before the white man showed up? Try black slaves, again. Who do you think is systematically starving and enslaving the black Christian population in Sudan as I write? If you guessed the black muslim population of Sudan, you deserve a cigar!

Why do you blame slavery on white people when the first people to fuck niggers over were other niggers?
2009-01-15 05:30:13

I couldnt think of a name so I put this
Plane is goin down, Capt. said we gotta
let some ppl go for the sake of others,
we gonna do this in alphabetical
order...will all African American step
to the back of the plane...(noone got
up).. okay... will all Black people step
to the back of the plane..(noone got
up).. umm... will all Colored people
step to the back of the plane.. little
black girl said.. mama, mama i think
thats us...Mama said.. no baby today we
are Niggers and we go after the
2009-01-15 03:51:29

fucking evolve you racist motherfuckers.

The reason they live the way Nursebilly so naively describes is basically because white cunts like you fucked them over.wake up bitch,it ain't fucking 1930.
2009-01-14 21:32:03

Yeah, "Ham". I have to agree with your statement about "goat fucking" in Kenya. LOL! Is it any wonder that HIV originated in Africa and after all these years, blacks still have the highest infection rate on the globe,(not to mention Syphilis which is rampant among all the niggers here in Florida).

If the black race is indeed genetically superior to the white race, why are the majority of whites cleaner, healthier, well fed, and better educated when compared to their "black masters?"(LMAO!)

All of you niggers want to go back to Africa? Excellent! Hop on a jet and fly your asses home, today! You think your life is shit right now? How do you think you'll live without the white taxpayer ferryboating your lazy asses on welfare?
2009-01-14 18:31:45

to L the retard
do some fucking history arsehole
i would love to see you posted up here someday along with all the other racist cunts.
2009-01-14 18:18:11

to the comment below me:... I must be the biggest fag?... Instead of yelling with slurs and hate words, why don't you debate with facts? It's clearly obvious that you don't know who I'm. First of all, I'm not a retard. I'm a decent educated white man who earns 120 K a year and I'm a Oracle Database administrator. I don't fuck my sibling because I have none and also it's morally wrong. Next time save those insults to yourself because it seems like niggers would fuck anything they see like what two niggers did to a poor goat in Kenya. At least the "rednecks" know how to build their own fucking houses compared to niggers who whine complain and moan for their own fucking shit. It's a pity for epitome of human history that the amount of dollars US government poured on niggers is a big waste of fucking money. That money would've been better spent on investigating different sexes of squirrels LOL
2009-01-14 16:03:32

Ham is an inbred retard
Hey ham you are probably the biggest fag on here your knowledge is not even on par with a single cell protozoa(You probably have no idea what that is do you you fucking redneck retard)Sad thing is there are so many decent people of all races on this planet but cunts like you are the main cause of hate and and conflict.Luckily as government figures show fuckwitts like you are a dying breed and the sooner your type are exterminated like the little bugs you are the better this planet will be.Ps eating dung is better than what white inbred trash like you enjoy,namely fucking your own mothers ,sisters and kids also sucking on you father's dicks.
2009-01-14 14:00:19

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