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Monday, December 29, 2008

Accident → The saddest image you’ll ever see

This little girl was run over by a truck.

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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Hoi. I share your feelings buddy! Check out my wsbtiee, and tell me what you think. Man I cant wait for the beautiful day with brown eyed girl in the background.
2015-10-02 12:45:32

Damien is actually the best faomtnrn I've ever seen in person. Looking at youtube clips Stiv Bators would just destroy him in terms of pure faomtnrndom but I honestly think that Damien may be the best who is currently alive. I'm not sure what happened to Tony Erba.Noticed the ac30. That is always a good choice. Straight up, if it's ever a volume war, the ac30 is gonna win. I almost had gotten one a couple years ago but felt like my ears were bleeding as I left the guitar iso-chamber. Speaking of amps, you guys always have more than you need behind you it seems. I saw like two marshall stacks in the back background not being used. What's up with that, you guys yngwie malmsteem and shit or something?
2015-10-02 12:13:16

i love fuck the little puttas
2015-09-28 17:15:52

Довыебалась называется
2015-09-28 09:08:00


: - (
2015-08-10 19:20:38

Mr van der Haagen, Founder&Manager
I would like to thank our advertising sponsors for supporting us, along with the Bendtsen family for providing quality administration.

Founded in 2006, we are a valuble educational resource centre. and our competitors such as, & aim to educate as well as entertain.

We, like many other 'shock sites', have been the subject of bitter lawsuits. On several occasions we have been forced to remove photos from our content. We do understand that relatives of dead or injured victims are angry when photos of the corpses or injuries are posted online without consent- which is very often distressing and hurtful to families.'s online stance is simple: It is our right to display whatever content we choose, and it is your right to view it.

Take time to appreciate life
2015-08-09 21:21:01

Church of Satan
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2015-07-06 04:47:11

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2015-03-06 02:36:18

fuck u
hahahahahahaha best pic ever
2015-02-18 00:01:28

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2014-10-18 18:34:18

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