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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Accident → Most horrible rainstorm in China (2007)

At least 48 people have been killed in rainstorm in Chongqing City (China) on 05/23/2007, with five 8-12-years old students succumbing to lightning strikes.

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Georgio V.
Too many China, anyway!
Let China one die if must be then
ok, but let rescue occur if need be too!
2011-07-16 20:49:00

Oh my gosh...
2011-05-22 23:37:13

Go Jeriko Go
2011-03-22 13:29:41

to young to die :(
2011-03-09 23:21:09

U Bigots
Hey guys, the Peace Corps called they wondered if you'd like to join in Asia.
2011-02-25 15:40:50

fuk u "a " chineese are fukkin cunts thumbz up for jeriko :L:L
2011-02-15 14:30:41

fuck U Jeriko
2011-01-24 14:36:20

hate those chineese sluts with no tits
2011-01-11 18:40:33

Dr Mahatir
look, c'mon, they're only gooks, ... victor charlie ... numbah 10, they no love long time, many many more dinks inside
2010-12-19 00:59:46

SomeGuy, the main comment says FIVE students (just kids actually) were killed by lightning strikes, not 48! And really -- how can their government (or you) prevent lightning, eh?
2010-11-18 00:17:55

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