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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Accident → Most horrible rainstorm in China (2007)

At least 48 people have been killed in rainstorm in Chongqing City (China) on 05/23/2007, with five 8-12-years old students succumbing to lightning strikes.

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rip little ones.
2009-01-23 03:52:23

Well when i go on here, i really appreciate life. My heart aches.
2009-01-13 22:04:51

are those kids dead or what
2009-01-05 00:25:38

fuck whiteys
hey necrobutcher, enjoy all u can cuz sooner or late all your races are going to be extinct. More than 39,000 of your whitey women are raped by black men yearly. How u like that you fucking sister fucking crackers? LOL
2009-01-02 18:00:14

짱개 새끼들은 뭘해도 스케일이 존나 크다
2009-01-02 09:03:20

jahh cool mann
2009-01-02 08:25:54

jessica !
thanks gerry!!
2009-01-02 07:18:16

Thank you for reading my very long name.
pic #4 - feels like lasagna tonight.
2009-01-02 04:25:33

Omg, pictures of kids is so hard to take. Poor kids. :(
2009-01-01 04:27:07

They're just like turkeys...dumb enough to drown in the rain-all 48 of them!! Dumber than turkeys or chickens!!
2008-12-31 18:42:57

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