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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hot news → Happy New Year!

With best wishes from for the Happy 2009 New Year!

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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Bo Bendtsen, Administrator

In 2009 someone hacked our site. Don't even think about hacking our site.

The individual reading this might as well give up and bend over so I can fuck you right up the ass!

I will beat you fucking senseless and then rip off your pants. WIPE YOUR ASS! Wipe it so I can fuck it! I will slowly penetrate your shithole with my 11 inch penis while you struggle and whimper.

I will slide my thick shaft all the way up your BLEEDING rectum! The residue of shit and blood will make a nice lubricant!!

I will penetrate even further until the head of my dick penetrates your intestine.

I will blow my wad inside you and pull out!

I will take a photo of your bloody destroyed ass and post it.

Don't hack our site!!!
2015-08-07 20:04:32

Hey you! Read this comment FUCKFACE!
I'm talking to you - directly to you! I like your mother

Answer the fucking question.

Can I fuck your mother?

(a) certainly

(b) nobody fucks my mom but me

(c) fuck her deep and hard

(d) don't fuck her. She's a skank
2015-08-03 06:25:40

What are YOU looking at, fuckface!
Step one:
Get on your knees.

Step two:
Open your mouth extra wide.

Step three:
Prepare to have my massive cock SLAMMED right down your throat!

Prepare for impact!!!!!!!
2015-07-24 08:24:59

I am Formerly known as 'darklord'

2015-07-23 01:14:06

Church of Satan
The United States supreme court ruling has declared that same-sex marriages are legal in all 50 states.

Satanic priest: dude #1, do you take dude #2 as your lawfully wedded anal fucktoy and vice-versa?

Dude #1: I do
Dude #2: I do

Satanic priest: you may now fuck each other up the ass
2015-07-04 02:53:27

Gay Pride
The United States supreme court ruling has declared that same-sex marriages are legal in all 50 states.

This is fantastic!

Now I can do things in the right order:

1. Put a wedding ring on a dude's finger

2. Put my cock up his ass - to make him pregnant

3. He anally gives birth to a shit covered baby
2015-06-27 10:20:38

Women's correctional facility Ex-Inmate
I am a 32 year old female and a former friend of Susan Bendtsen. She is the sister of Bo Bendtsen - the morbidly obese abomination who runs this shithole of a website.

Susan is a viscious cunt. She went down on a truck driver and bit his johnson to 'punish' him. Of course the guy hit her in the fucking face because his dick was being ripped off by her fucking teeth. She finished the job with a pocket knife, completely slicing off the poor guy's cock.
2015-06-24 12:01:47

Bo Bendtsen, Administrator

Read the article 'suicidal death of the CharonBoat's "hacker" under the category 'suicide'.

In 2009 a guy hacked our site. We found him. He was so shocked when we found him that he shit his pants!

He shit his pants when he found him. Pieces of semi-liquid feces slid down his leg and out the pant leg of his shorts. What a pathetic site, the poor fucker! He stank like rotten eggs. He lost total control of his bowels! He fucking stank!!! You could see little pieces of corn in his shit sliding down his leg toward his shoes!

He killed himself to escape my wrath!

2015-05-15 07:07:00

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2015-03-10 17:55:34

Kim Jong Un, President of North Korea
I have successfully hacked this site!
2015-01-19 00:11:58

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