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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Accident → Woman survived after being struck by lightning

This woman survived after being struck by lightning in South Africa. You can see specific burns on the victim's skin.

In the coastal U.S. states, lightning strikes and kills more than 40 people each year.

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2014-01-15 09:36:42

sorry ii hpe yu get better
2013-10-10 01:13:49

This is a neat sumrmay. Thanks for sharing!
2012-12-15 08:35:26

That's what happen when Thor jizzes on you
2012-09-26 07:59:27

, “What a wretched man I am!”I have read that cahetpr over and over many times over many years. And you know what Paul says: I am . Not I was . You can't get around that. Lot's of people try. Why is that Paul still struggles? It is because his only hope is Jesus Christ, even now that he is a new creation. This part of it never changes. In ourselves we have no hope. We keep fighting the old Adam, sin, death and the devil, our sinful flesh. And there is lots to fight. Every day. And maybe more every day as we get older or sicker.We have been forgiven, and we still are forgiven every day. Our hope today is in Christ's forgiveness, like it was yesterday and will be tomorrow until we have the uncorrupted nature. We never outgrow it. This is a blessing. Thanks be to God for his enduring promises.
2012-07-21 05:42:17

Call National Geographic, new cover model!
2012-04-29 02:28:06

she was so lucky!!
2012-03-07 14:38:41

Fucking hell...she's one mean ugly looking bitch,damn (.)(.) !I would not do her even if she was the last woman on earth.And then they are complaining about her having burning wounds ?Personally i think that's her least problem... xD
2012-02-23 02:13:06

she did not survive because this was her lghtning
u can see this woman was practicing witch craft
unfortunatlye she is a victim of her own mis calculation
luky for her she learn how to redirect lightnung to her victim next time
2011-11-19 16:54:50

goddamn put some bra on Bitch!
2011-06-10 22:39:09

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