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Friday, January 2, 2009

Medical → Homelessness in the United States

Those homeless man did not seek for medical help for two weeks. Now you can see how his wound got infested with maggots over that time.

As many as 3.5 million people experience homelessness in a given year (1% of the entire U.S. population or 10% of its poor), and about 842,000 people in any given week.
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Hi, this was taken in Ostrava, Czech Republic... Here is another detail picture Ostrava_Fifejdy2.jpg
2009-01-29 15:16:02

Comments on this site makes me ashamed for visiting the site.

Nice leg.
2009-01-29 05:47:50

fishy fun
2009-01-28 11:46:03

2009-01-27 20:59:15

I'm coming out the closet you guys. I'm gay, and it feels so much better to say one more time I'm gay.
2009-01-24 03:45:12

thats pretty fuckin sad...noone should have to go through something like that
2009-01-23 03:50:08

The European-style cast iron radiators that work on steam, like the one in this photo, are not used in the United States anymore - much less in hospitals. Hospitals in the US use either central air or packaged units. This photo was definitely not taken in an American hospital. I'm not sure why this website is lying.
2009-01-23 03:19:59

Hence: eaten alive!
2009-01-21 19:06:49

Те това е руски пяндурник!
2009-01-19 20:47:59

i think its obvious that "fuck palin" is messing with you guys...and you're all falling for it! :p lol good job!
2009-01-19 07:41:37

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