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Friday, January 2, 2009

Medical → Homelessness in the United States

Those homeless man did not seek for medical help for two weeks. Now you can see how his wound got infested with maggots over that time.

As many as 3.5 million people experience homelessness in a given year (1% of the entire U.S. population or 10% of its poor), and about 842,000 people in any given week.
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maggots only eat dead tissue. the bastard will keep eating until his leg is gone and then then eat the rest of him
2013-01-07 22:03:59

jake quo sala
2013-01-02 08:46:13

Somebody shoot that poor bastard please!
2012-11-10 01:19:53

Maggots only eat dead flesh.In real this
probably saved him from a bad case of
gangrene.Still antibiotics would have been
the way to go.
2012-11-02 23:30:54

That's so cool, so stylish. I bet it
smells delicious!
2012-10-04 01:34:02

that looks chunky and gnarly i recommend amputation.Nurse bone saw pleeease.
2012-09-06 04:36:12

He aint got da nigga card...poh old whitey gonna geet eaten by worms!
2012-08-28 03:34:09

fallen shoe co.
Fallens the way to go nigga!
2012-07-10 07:37:38

Kitty Puss
Nice watch.
2012-07-07 20:51:09

white people(all blodes) and not a single non
white race... I remember the samsung commercial
with like 20 whites and no asian no blAck and no
brunetts... Even in the subway, they were very
sweet and kind toward to me just because im
white but spat out at my wife's back because she
is a japanese... Why cant we get along?! Why we
humans cant get along without a racial
discrimination like we used to when we were like
2 or 3 years old?!( ofcourse we had no idea about
race)... Just very sad :,(
2012-06-28 10:55:43

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