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Sunday, January 4, 2009

ExecutionsBeheading → Beheading of the Russian officer by Chechen rebels

That unhappy Russian military officer was beheaded by Chechen rebels in 1998.

Video: Download "chechnja_russian_officer_beheading.wmv"

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although i am against the way he slaughters that Russian soldier because it's forbidden in Islam but we are 100% with you Chechen jihadis against those Russian idiots. Don't let them come close your country brothers , they must be more scared watching such videos...winks
2009-06-19 14:55:32

2009-06-18 03:27:09

chechen hater
fuckin half breed sister fuckin weirdos!
2009-06-18 00:06:30

fuckin savages,,,,,could of used a sharp knife at least
2009-06-14 10:39:18

For God so loved the world that he gave is only begotten son, Jesus.
Please accept Jesus into yur heart, he is coming back soon.
2009-06-08 06:08:25

stupid religion? wtf is your religion asshole
2009-06-07 22:25:25

nordic defender
Muslims are so backwards, dumb little sand niggers who believe there is an afterlife, fuck allah, he aint right you
2009-06-05 15:34:12

We see then who will burn in the hell., YOU (elove) and your ass or mouslims! For me., YOU are SATAN! and we will destroy YOU!
2009-06-04 21:38:30

the muslim religion is pure evil. makes me sick. we sould jusy nuke the entire middle east. they are dirty people. they will all burn in hell . such stupid religion
2009-06-04 06:38:44

that js a big shitttttttttttttt
go0 back to hell n bless ur father sattan.............;.
2009-06-02 05:02:45

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