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Sunday, January 4, 2009

ExecutionsBeheading → Beheading of the Russian officer by Chechen rebels

That unhappy Russian military officer was beheaded by Chechen rebels in 1998.

Video: Download "chechnja_russian_officer_beheading.wmv"

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fuck all of you
2009-06-02 04:59:38

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2009-05-31 00:45:56

This is one of the reasons I hate the Middle East. They are the ONLY people nowdays who behead. If a gang or someone in the United States wanted to behead someone, they'd use an axe. If it was in corporate punishment, it would be used with an axe. In the Middle East, it's not uncommon to see a video of someone being beheaded with a butterknife. THAT LOOKS PAINFUl. WHAT THE FUCK DID HE DO?!
2009-05-30 09:47:47

Fuck islam
2009-05-29 04:56:20

If you wanna fuck, just fuck to those terrorist but don't used word 'muslims' or 'Islam'!
2009-05-28 01:35:30

fucking cowered sick muslim militant bandits,ur time will coming soon..very soon
2009-05-21 19:54:34

russian hater
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2009-05-10 15:01:56

russian hater
this kid is stupid y they always got to do it in private bc they to much of a chicken shit and they scared vof all the people that would kill them that y there face is so blury
2009-05-10 15:00:16

hell 2 the USA
fuck the
2009-04-14 22:43:58

dude it's 1996, i saw this video 4 yrs ago and you can see the date of this video as you watch it
2009-04-12 12:42:02

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