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Monday, January 5, 2009

Accident → Attempted Resuscitation

Here you can see an attempt to resuscitate a young woman who had drowned in the ocean (LA, CA). Unfortunately, those unhappy young woman was pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital.

Video: Download "female_drowning_unsuccessful_resuscitation.wmv"

Every year more than 6500 people drown in the United States.
Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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Most people suck dick at life
If one person knew CPR, her chances would be greatly improved. Learn that shit, people. Give up a few hours of your life and better your shitty selves.
2010-08-18 23:23:22

Bitter Almonds
This didn't happen in LA. You can hear the spic baboon talking.
2010-07-18 20:42:31

fuckin cubans
polque no hicieron nada idiotas que taban filmando video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! si sabian cpr porque no actuaron malditos!!!!
2010-07-10 23:19:21

Here today gone tomorrow, life is very precious!...
2010-06-06 19:01:06

You shouldn't say they did "nothing" You can see they are using a technique that predates CPR. Basically you massage the body in order to try to "wake" it up.

I saw Captain Kirk demonstrate it on an old 60s Star Trek. Apparently this backwards company is still using that old technique.
2010-05-26 00:00:03

Paco Hell
That's spicland, not LA. Prolly Me-ke-ko.

No lifeguards, no cpr equipment on hand. Everyone babbling in spic.
2010-04-10 11:14:54

i can't download it
2010-04-06 08:01:32

And they call us insensitive for looking at these vids, but those ppl on the beach right there could care less!
2010-01-24 19:34:30

supposed rescuers killed her calmly walks up beach lays her down looks at her never did CPR. negligent homicide.
2010-01-11 17:59:07

Too bad none of those fucking spics knew how to perform CPR, otherwise I'm sure that girl would have lived
2009-12-09 21:56:32

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