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Monday, January 5, 2009

Accident → Attempted Resuscitation

Here you can see an attempt to resuscitate a young woman who had drowned in the ocean (LA, CA). Unfortunately, those unhappy young woman was pronounced dead on arrival at a local hospital.

Video: Download "female_drowning_unsuccessful_resuscitation.wmv"

Every year more than 6500 people drown in the United States.
Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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Yea.. it is called CPR, not just moving her head back and forth, damn! and ppl flocking around didn't help either
2009-03-04 11:39:10

2009-02-20 14:13:50

2009-02-10 21:46:44

2009-02-09 12:08:06

Rob G
Obviously NOT southern california. Lifeguards would have been there within the time frame of the video. If not the public would have intervened competently
2009-02-01 02:12:47

SAPS! ehhhh is she dead? emmm no sure lets look at her face..hmm shes looks nice.. hey nice tits. FUCKING DUMB MORONS! ITS CALL CPR! JESUS IF THESE WERE NORMAL PEOPLE SHE WOULD OF LIVED! Guess none of them poxy bastards ever seen the movies.. my fucking 3 yo sister could of saved her!
2009-01-26 05:13:10

Oh yeah I'm a gay mexican obviously and I apologize to charonboat.
2009-01-24 03:41:47

Faggot ass mexicans
Why come none of those idiots gave her mouth to mouth? and if u listen in the begining he calls her fat mexicans are stupid aye aye aye!
2009-01-24 03:39:50

fuck man that's sad
2009-01-21 01:51:56

That... CPR wasn't well given...
He... Didn't knew what he was doing...

Take time to appreciate life!
2009-01-18 22:38:44

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