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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bizarre → Acrotomophilia

Acrotomophilia (also known as amputee fetishism), is a fetish where one is attracted to amputated body parts or amputees. This fetish is different from apotemnophilia which is the desire to amputate one’s own body parts.

Video: Download "acrotomophilia.wmv"

There are some speculations that Sir Paul McCartney (former the Beatles member) suffers from acrotomophilia. Sir Paul McCartney married one-legged Heather Mills.
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Why can't I download this video? :( There is only a white page ... :/
2009-01-07 20:07:14

man, that was some bizarre shit, funny though lol.
2009-01-07 19:22:57

funny video
2009-01-07 18:51:13

WTF? How sick can they be?
2009-01-07 16:25:13

the most poor and disgusting thing, i 'v ever seen
they are both disgusting
2009-01-07 14:02:40

Das ist einfach nur kranke scheisse diggah ^^ Sowas geht garnicht!!!
Weiß net...mich würd sowas nicht erregen, sondern abstoßen x(
2009-01-07 13:22:45

Wow that would be a first though I am feeling sort of turned on lol. What an odd fetish compare to piss, food, shit and water sport is just another new thing with people nowadays I guess.
2009-01-07 03:19:12

what kinda sick ass porn is that LOL!............ how do
people get their selves in those situations in the first
2009-01-07 03:08:57

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