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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bizarre → Apotemnophilia

Apotemnophilia is the erotic interest in being or looking like an amputee. It should not be confused with acrotomophilia, which is the erotic interest in people who are amputees. When experienced very strongly, some people with apotemnophilia come to feel discontented with their bodies and want to actually remove an otherwise healthy limb, a condition called Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Some apotemnophiles seek surgeons to perform an amputation or purposefully injure a limb in order to force emergency medical amputation

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Hey wanker, What else could we do to make her moan????? We could get stacey(wife) to help.LET US KNOW!!!!! we are both so horny!!!!!!!!!!
2011-01-26 14:49:57


of course you could
2011-01-26 11:33:45

foot licker
shit, I can't lick anything
2011-01-26 02:33:57

Hey wanker, can I fuck her mouth while you fuck her ass?????? PLEASE???????
my wife wants to watch
2011-01-24 20:04:31

I would first fuck her in the ass and after i'm done fucking her ass i would fuck her pussy and after that i would fuck her mouth all day long.
2011-01-15 19:23:00

your so correct (:
2010-12-30 13:28:22

Everyone is/can be very beautiful, regardless of their physical body. I know many anputee's and they are some of the greatest, most caring people you could ever know. and if i ever met the lady in this pic, i would marry her in a moment, as she is a true godess.
2010-12-27 15:30:40

Wow, is she for real? I wonder what happened?
2010-11-28 10:25:28

put her on the front door and call her "mat"!!!!!!!
2010-11-23 18:03:24

I would fuck that thing all night!!!OH the things you could do with that thing
2010-11-19 17:12:15

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