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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bizarre → Apotemnophilia

Apotemnophilia is the erotic interest in being or looking like an amputee. It should not be confused with acrotomophilia, which is the erotic interest in people who are amputees. When experienced very strongly, some people with apotemnophilia come to feel discontented with their bodies and want to actually remove an otherwise healthy limb, a condition called Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Some apotemnophiles seek surgeons to perform an amputation or purposefully injure a limb in order to force emergency medical amputation

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I'd still hit that ;)
2010-02-25 02:03:01

what a great idea just think you cud
stick her in a suit case when your
and you cud go on holiday as a single
and after a long day on the beach u cud
give her a quick fuk then put her back
under the bed with the other luggage
2010-02-18 22:54:04

oh man...... no hands is one thing... but no brains?
2010-02-18 15:32:13

wow people are f'd up
2010-02-05 00:20:22

Shave her parts motherfuckers XD she has no arms!
2010-01-16 08:26:42

This is the ultimate in being fucked up. She looks so happy! Maybe it's to get the sympathy vote. Either that or a failed porn star desperate to make an attempt at something original...?
2010-01-15 22:54:57

one question - does she swallow ????
2009-12-31 22:00:10

Alexi Laiho
Haha pain. Fucking cooze hahaha I waould like to see her wriggle around in fire ants. Man, that fucking sucks. Why the hell would anyone think that that was a good idea. Hahaha what a fucking loser.
2009-12-31 00:15:45

If she said no to sex tell to go jump
2009-12-25 20:43:26

White ppl rule!
Forget that fucking bitch. Haha! I love seeing people suffer
2009-12-25 08:40:47

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