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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bizarre → Apotemnophilia

Apotemnophilia is the erotic interest in being or looking like an amputee. It should not be confused with acrotomophilia, which is the erotic interest in people who are amputees. When experienced very strongly, some people with apotemnophilia come to feel discontented with their bodies and want to actually remove an otherwise healthy limb, a condition called Body Integrity Identity Disorder. Some apotemnophiles seek surgeons to perform an amputation or purposefully injure a limb in order to force emergency medical amputation

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I apologize for burning that Bible. My real name is Eric Minerault and I am very ashamed of myself. The Bible-burning thing is just my way of dealing with my closeted homosexuality. My music sucks but not as well as I do. Sorry about the bible.

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2014-09-06 03:13:53 website owner
This is a message to you-yes YOU! To the person reading this:

Do me a favour-bend over and spread your buttocks so I can shove my huge cock up your ass!!!

I can trace your location from information extracted from your computer. Man I'm gonna fuck you so hard!!!
2014-08-21 19:59:09

crorkz matz
pCZIQh I truly appreciate this blog.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great.
2014-08-06 00:47:11

Okayyyyyy.......hmmmmmm...don't exactly
know what to say about that,just like it says
2014-07-14 13:30:49

2014-06-30 02:38:22

Mr happy
Tap that
2014-06-28 23:25:48

that`sfrign nuts
2014-06-27 07:24:37

Happy Fourth of July from staff
Happy Fourth of July to our loyal viewers. Our site is actually based here in the U.K. We wish a happy Independence Day to our American friends.

*welcome to The Greatest Entertainment on the internet*

If cruel and unusual things get you sexually excited then you've come to the right place.

We are happy to entertain you. Come again.

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2014-06-24 04:54:56

Darklord Of The Sith Darth Knightmare
Many of my comments were ignorant and unacceptable. I am truly sorry. I need to be punished. Shove a razor-sharp icepick up my ass.
2014-06-13 10:45:44

snoop, 9/11 mastermind nigger
2014-06-11 19:53:05

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