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Friday, January 9, 2009

Accident → The most pathetic retro image (drowning)

This 17-year old girl drowned in the lake. Scuba diver could retrieve her body only in an hour.

In 2005, there were 3,582 fatal unintentional drownings in the United States, averaging ten deaths per day.
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Mad Dog
Guys still wearing his mouthpiece and nose clips, although after an hour she wouldn't smell that much.... Picture seems a bit dodgy to me
2009-01-12 08:48:59

lol =)
2009-01-11 21:03:41

woody allen
wow this picture sucks
2009-01-11 06:41:33

2009-01-11 06:37:38

all 3582 drownings were unintentional apparently. we have quite the epidemic of ppl wanting to not drown themselves as usually we do want to kill ourselves
2009-01-11 04:46:50

How many were intentional?
2009-01-11 02:43:10

that looks photoshopped! the girl doesn't even seem to be a part of the water she's kinda just floating. she looks too perfect. and the diver's hands that are cradling her head her shoulder looks totally looks like his hand is broken. total b.s. charonboat!!
2009-01-11 02:05:09

What a complete waste of a beautiful girl.
2009-01-10 23:02:39

'Scuba diver could retrieve her body only in an hour later.'

Please work on your sentence structure as this is hardly a sentence.
2009-01-10 21:35:40

they say that drowning is a plesent way to die...

i would rather get a bullet to my head without knowing it ..that would be plesent

instant death .. no waiting !
2009-01-10 21:34:48

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