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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Accident → Mumbai River Patrol

We can assume that drowning victim has been submerged in the river for several months.

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hellfuhrer, bodies in water rot much faster, just to correct you

refer to stuff you should know podcast on itunes for more info

episode: how bodyfarms work
2011-05-16 02:33:53

Buceta Gato
I love the rug!
2011-02-08 03:26:50

Was the rug exported for sale in the United States?
2011-02-03 00:48:44

Arn't bodies in water supposed to rot much slower? Maybe some fish at some of him. I am guessing its a man, the ribcage looks quite broad IMO. I am not expert.
2011-01-19 23:24:55

i don't speak your language but i think this wasn't an accident either, the hands are clearly bound.
2011-01-07 09:44:58

Are people here rally adults. Seriously i cant believe how fucked up people are.
2010-11-24 20:33:08

Molly / ERIN thestuckup whores, see U here soon.
several months? thats india, hot as
fuck, more like a few weeks at the most.
and @ molly & erin + fuck both yall
fucking whores. What gives you the
right to judge, analyze, criticize, or
tell ppl how to fucking act or how they
'should' behave you stinking bitches.

and MOLLY fucking hypocrite, what are
you doing here? MINORITY OF CURIOUS
ONLOOKERS + you mean fucking sick voyeur
and rubbernecker just like everybody
else here + justify it any fucking way
you want SKANK,YOU LOVE IT TOO + and
BTW, how do you know who is in the
minority or majority. For every fucked
up comment there could be 100,000
'curious onlookers' you self important
smug ass cunt. ooh look at me, i look
at death, but im different BAAAA
2010-11-22 00:43:07

@Erin: The majority of people who post on these sites are either necrophiliacs or trolls with no lives. I'm of the minority of curious onlookers who think about the science of death, and has the desire to understand it. My logic is if somebody wants to troll these sites, posting derogotory things, then they must be bored, lonely or angry. If mocking death gives them pleasure, than there's no stopping them and no point in trying to reason with them. As for the necros, we can't judge them, either. They can't help what they want.
2010-11-07 06:47:20

perche ha le braccia all indietro!! aveva lemani legate forse?? allora non e per accidente annegamento e un omicidio!!maledetti assassini!!
2010-10-02 03:16:15

See a lot of that all over Asia. Bones are often harvested for anatomy classes. I fail to see any humor in this.
2010-08-23 04:02:23

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