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Monday, January 12, 2009

Medical → Gay Bowel Syndrome

Gay bowel syndrome, which has also been described as gay bowel disease, is a clinical pattern of anorectal and colon diseases which occur with unusual frequency in homosexual patients. This is the case of rectal gonorrhea associated with gay bowel syndrome.

Gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted infection.
Incidence of gonorrhea in the USA: 800000 per year, 66666 per month, 15384 per week, 2191 per day, 91 per hour, 1 per minute, 0 per second.
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look that is a punishment
the god don't allow men to love men
2011-02-12 14:23:12

Buceta Gato
Thats an Iraqui ass after we got done!
2011-02-08 03:26:08

if i poke it will it twitch?
2011-02-01 15:41:53

its just... gone
2011-01-26 23:40:36

This is a picture of my asshole
2011-01-20 15:00:17

behold the red waffle!!!
2011-01-11 07:52:15

NO, NO, NO!!! Thats NOT from gay sex, thats the end result of Americas middle-class hard-working families after the average American politician screws their life up nowadays. Thats what politicians do to the average working-class family in the USA. The American lazy minority ethnic groups get a free ride, and the rich get richer all from the middle-classes back-breaking labor. This photo is the end result of all of this to the hard working class in America.
2010-12-30 22:47:07

ass's are not made for cocks! what do the dirty poofs expect? theres shit up there,its gonna cause infection
2010-12-05 06:46:00

Gay bowel syndrome is an outdated term.
It is apparent that Gay Bowel Syndrome is an essentialized category of difference that is neither gay-specific, confined to the bowel, nor a syndrome. (Wiki)

Fuck a Pussy, get gonorrhoe, fuck another girls ass et voila you have crappy shit. Has nothing to do with being gay. The term was invented in 1976 when no heterosexual man admitted that he is fucking his wifes ass.
2010-12-01 01:28:07

Who wants anal?!
2010-11-18 09:17:03

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