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Monday, January 12, 2009

Medical → Gay Bowel Syndrome

Gay bowel syndrome, which has also been described as gay bowel disease, is a clinical pattern of anorectal and colon diseases which occur with unusual frequency in homosexual patients. This is the case of rectal gonorrhea associated with gay bowel syndrome.

Gonorrhea is a common sexually transmitted infection.
Incidence of gonorrhea in the USA: 800000 per year, 66666 per month, 15384 per week, 2191 per day, 91 per hour, 1 per minute, 0 per second.
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i am god damn straight!
you stupid fuck made all those facts up!
if there are 0 incidences per second ,
then how can there be any such
incidences at all!
damn man , your uneducated or what?
2013-09-15 10:53:42

that way shoul be straigth'
2013-09-09 11:15:11

johan james
wow it looks wired. this is onbliveable
2013-07-22 18:56:38

I hate fags
This is another reason why being gay is not meant
to be
2013-07-09 09:22:43

This ought to scare any sane person from
going homo and having another dude fuck
you up the ass.
2013-07-04 21:50:20

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2013-06-30 04:08:39

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2013-06-29 21:33:21

health care workers uslluay use three laboratory techniques to diagnose gonorrhea: staining samples directly for the bacterium, detection of bacterial genes or DNA in urine, and growing the bacteria in laboratory cultures. Many doctors prefer to use more than one test to increase the chance of an accurate diagnosis. The staining test involves placing a smear of the discharge from the penis or the cervix on a slide and staining the smear with a dye. Then the doctor uses a microscope to look for bacteria on the slide. You uslluay can get the test results while in the office or clinic. This test is quite accurate for men but is not good in women. Only one in two women with gonorrhea have a positive stain. More often, doctors use urine or cervical swabs for a new test that detects the genes of the bacteria. These tests are as accurate or more so than culturing the bacteria, and many doctors use them.
2013-06-27 06:40:19

2013-06-11 07:45:40

пукан бомбанул
2013-05-17 12:11:39

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