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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Suicide → Suicidal Hanging

This young man committed suicide by hanging himself.

Hanging is the suspension of a person by a ligature, usually a cord wrapped around the neck, causing death. Throughout history it has been used as a form of capital punishment. The first record of use is in the Persian Empire approximately 2,500 years ago, and some countries still use it today. It is also a common method of committing suicide.

Wiki Article: Hanging

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Pissed off
I just feel that ALL of the contributions made by
every society are of equal importance. If this
were made to be the standard that would be a
colossal leap towards eradicating hatred and
racism. B/c of you I will NEVER make another
immature sophomore comment that is indicative
of the actions and statements I wish so ardently to
cease. If I can reach out to you and ask that you
take a few moments to read briefly about these
societies and realize that they produced Benjamin
Franklins, Galileo Galileis, Pythagorass, &
Charles Darwin's all the same then I think that I
can gain some of the respect that I lost and
possibly augment your appreciation and
awareness of what those great societies gave to
OUR world.
2011-11-27 16:36:44

Pissed off
I did find one erroneous claim. African/Nubian
history was NOT taught to me by any racist or
extremist. I took the initiative to learn Old
Testament history b/c it involved the great
contributions of an ancient society that was
suppressed and neglected in the curriculum of
ALL of the schools that I attended with the
exception of college. Every race has contributed
something great to our society as a whole
however the contributions of some are made to be
more important than those made by others. Why
did I have to spend hours of personal time
scouring the Internet and sifting through books in
the library to find out what societies that existed 4
millennia contributed to society when it is as easy
as getting of bed to find out what European
societies have contributed.
2011-11-27 16:22:28

Pissed off
Everything you say is absolutely correct! I'm
completely and utterly wrong for being
disrespectful and derogatory! I'm on the defense
b/c I feel as though I have to be b/c there is SOoo
much racism & hatred in the world that is mostly
directed at people that resemble myself. I had
the expectation that someone not as nearly as
intelligent as you would respond. You did make
me realize that even in anger I cannot stoop to the
level of the garbage that I disdain and villify.
Thank you for making me realize how foolish my
initial and follow up comments were. I sincerely
2011-11-27 15:46:33

Re. Pissed off
You said that you were just telling the truth. In
actuality, you were voicing an opinion and
presenting it as though it were fact. It would
behove you, as an educated person, to learn the
difference. Also, it would appear that you did not
take my advice, as although you assert that your
punctuation is correct, your latest post still
contains numerous mistakes.

And thank you for the education, but I learn with
my head, not my ass. So do most people,

It's very interesting that you used the word
"niggers" and put quotation marks around it, as
though I said it. Of course I didn't use that word,
and in fact, nothing I have said has been racist at
all. It is your own bias that caused you to read
racism into my post when none existed.
2011-11-27 06:41:02

Re. Pissed off
Every white person you encounter is going to be
a racist if you have it in your mind that that's how
they think of you. And the way you talk about
white people shows very clearly that, in fact, you
are the one who is the racist. And I don't give a
crap if you're white, black, or any other color,
racism is an ugly trait in absolutely anyone. And
you can quote me all the "facts" you want, but it
all sounds like racist propaganda to me, no doubt
taught to you by somebody equally bigoted. I
don't doubt for a minute that your people have a
noble and brave history, or think that you
shouldn't embrace it and take great pride in it.
But talk about bullshit, I don't buy that any race is
inherently better than any other.
2011-11-27 06:39:59

Re. Pissed off
You also mentioned that I'll "hate you" even
more. I don't hate you because you're black. I
don't even hate you for your nasty, hate-filled
comments. However, I don't feel any respect for
you. That is because I don't respect racist
people, nor people who make tasteless jokes
about dead people, making judgements about
their character as though they understand what
the person was going through at the time of their
death. Your unfounded declaration that this man
committed suicide out of weakness is a very
ignorant one, especially for a person who prides
himself on being educated, and reveals more
about you than it does about him.
2011-11-27 06:37:52

Re. Pissed off
Finally, that was an interesting assumption about
my "working with less than 4 inches". Actually,
this time you are correct. I also don't have any
balls. But I'm a woman, so for me it's okay. And
now that I've told you that, I predict that you may
start making vulgar, derogatory comments about
women in general in an immature attempt to
undermine my point of view without having to
support your own arguments. However, I would
hope that you are intelligent enough to know how
that would make you look, and that you are not a
sexist as well as a racist.
2011-11-27 06:36:54

Pissed off
Im simply stating the truth. So if it offends you
then I guess you'll just be offended. Grow a ball
or two??? It's the cock the matters. Insignificant
to you b/c you're probably workin with less than 4
inches. And I am an educated black man and
everything I stated is correctly "punctuated.". I'll
restate what I said to you n group of you and your
cocksucking friends if you'd like! Point is this
pale skinned bastard was weak like the lot.
Africans/Nubians have a far greater history dating
back to the 18th century BC with Imhotep and
Ahmose and other great members of royalty all
the up to Haile Selassie. Rome only existed from
264BC to 11 Anno Domino. All part of the great
lie and the bullshit history that began when whites
crawled outta caves after The birth of Christ.
There is some education for your ass. Check the
old testament and the descendants of King
Solomon. You'll probably hate us "niggers" even
more once the TRUTH is exposed!
2011-11-26 02:00:43

Re. Pissed off
Hmmm . . . I wonder how many more morons
are going to repeat that same lame joke and still
think they're the first one to say it. But I have to
give it to you, it does take a pretty courageous
person to make an anonymous racist slur on the
Internet in the comfort of their own home with no
chance of repercussion -- especially against a
man who's already dead.

Grow a ball or two, find a way to make yourself
feel like a man in the real world, and never
attempt comedy again. And for God's sake, read
a book on punctuation before you post something
in a public forum and embarrass yourself.

Aw, shucks. Too late.
2011-11-26 00:06:57

Pissed off
Another dead cave beast. I'd like to see more
crackers like this "hangin" around
2011-11-24 17:44:00

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