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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Suicide → Suicidal Hanging

This young man committed suicide by hanging himself.

Hanging is the suspension of a person by a ligature, usually a cord wrapped around the neck, causing death. Throughout history it has been used as a form of capital punishment. The first record of use is in the Persian Empire approximately 2,500 years ago, and some countries still use it today. It is also a common method of committing suicide.

Wiki Article: Hanging

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B4 you think about doin this stop 4 a moment en think, do i realy wnt 2 do this, tlk 2 sum 1, i jst lost my brother 3 weeks ago frm this and hes devastated alot of people.PLEASE THINK B4 U ACT ON THIS!
2009-01-08 12:02:53

I was looking to see what it would look like when people found me. It doesn't look too bad, I was expecting it to be all purple and stuff. So I'm going to go do it now. Got my noose right here. This is my suicide note. Goodbye.
2009-01-06 05:09:57

I want to do this!
2009-01-05 19:15:57

lol he die anyway and get blue fingers XD
2008-12-31 17:21:06

check out the fingers, he seems to be trying to rip the rope from off his neck
2008-12-31 07:29:20

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