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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Accident → Jet's miracle landing

A US Airways Flight 1549 had just taken off from LaGuardia Airport en route to Charlotte, North Carolina and crashed into the Hudson River on 1/15/2009 after a flock of birds apparently disabled both its engines. Rescuers pulled the more than 150 passengers and crew members into boats before the plane sank.

Video: Download "a310_water_landing.wmv"

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2010-03-06 13:09:06

I love how all intelligent people on
this site are bashed by idiots.
Seriously, you people don't look like
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you just make yourself sound mentally
unstable. When I see these, I don't feel
anything but I don't laugh. And
something else for all of you to know.
Most of the statistics on this site are
bullshit hyperboles.
2010-02-26 04:35:37

for Ryan
yeah right... imagine 200-300 of desperate passengers fighting their way out and half of them crushed by the engines! :D
2010-02-14 11:42:54

they should have parachutes on the plane for passengers under there seats.
2009-07-29 11:18:13

i was inside !!!
2009-05-30 18:14:56

WaterBoarding is Fun
Try skydiving instead!
2009-05-21 03:10:27

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2009-05-11 00:04:26

I saw this. The brainless asshole Sullenburger and his asshole co-pilot did not push the big red button that says "water landing" so the compartments were not automatically sealed and the plane sunk. Airbus has a system to automatically close and seal all compartments if the plane has to ditch. Incompetent Sullengurger did not push the switch. The asshole from the NYFD should be fired. The crew and passengers were only rescued due to the heroic actions of the watertaxi operators, operating on their own.
2009-04-30 02:10:28

X Dave
fuckin jews
2009-03-13 04:33:36

2009-02-09 12:06:06

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