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Monday, January 19, 2009

Brutality → Mines clearance by... animals

Landmines are an immense problem throughout the continent of Africa, specifically in the way they affect public health; the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies estimate that as many as 140 million Africans live in countries where the threat of injury or death due to landmines is high or very high.

Video: Download "mines_clearance_by_animals.wmv"

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not a good way to clear mines.. those animals have small hooves and a wide gate in their step.. leaves alot untouched.. just another example of negro's doing what they do best
2009-11-10 05:43:46


p.s. IM 14
2009-11-08 05:27:53


These animal abusers should be put to death. Or at least made to suffer like they have done to the animals.
2009-11-02 20:11:20

Probably more like that african nation testing mines that way. Not enough humans after all the ethnic 'cleansing'.
2009-10-29 16:12:08

All animal abuser must be dead! They made their own decision (simplex way), the radical animal care will follow this way too. Why? Only: "that's why!" That's so simple and nice!
2009-10-14 00:03:39


@ Bippy,

I'd personally send YOU to Southern Afghanistan to search for mines and I.E.D.s, wearing just your knickers and vest!.

Hopefully you'll step on a Bouncing Betty, and blow your balls clean off!.
(or your ovaries into your lungs... if you happen to be a girl!)
2009-10-10 02:59:14

Should just use the AIDS infectees...
2009-10-06 03:41:41

All you people hating on human beings- fuck you. Why don't you go disarm the mines you fucking dipshit mother fuckers. Or, would you rather have one of your family members accidentally step across one one day instead of having a Zebra hoof it. Faggot fuckers.
2009-10-04 05:55:26

you could also use nikkers since your already in Africa,
2009-10-01 19:33:42

whatever happened to minesweeper??? u could use jews instad saves u money
2009-09-20 07:20:24

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