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Monday, January 19, 2009

Brutality → Mines clearance by... animals

Landmines are an immense problem throughout the continent of Africa, specifically in the way they affect public health; the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies estimate that as many as 140 million Africans live in countries where the threat of injury or death due to landmines is high or very high.

Video: Download "mines_clearance_by_animals.wmv"

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shame we couldnt get insurgents we pick up in Iraq and Afghanistan, to run across instead we bring them back to the UK and give them housing, benifits etc personally they should all be stung up for treason.
2009-02-27 21:44:37

LMFAO @ Bambi.. but that is still fucked up.. test the ground urself, you selfcentered fucks
2009-02-22 08:17:15

Bambi should be sending the filthy fucking niggers first, them cunts put the mines there in the first place.
Why should innocent animals have to pay
2009-02-19 15:45:06

Nocando...burn in hell,you piece of rotten shit.
2009-02-14 02:48:23

Santa grandpa
someboby capture my rudolf
2009-02-12 13:25:32

i like the idea of having the condemned criminals walk across. they need to excercise their grey matter, why not splatter it across the field? good solution! and there are enuff criminals in the world that are more deserving to die than those innoncent animals
2009-02-08 18:39:28

Paul R Wilson
Well, it's either that or armored vehicles going over the terrain or condemned criminals walking randomly. I guess they can't afford the armored cars(remote controlled?_)
2009-02-05 23:31:06

I lol'd so hard. Bambi at the end. OMG ROFLMAO!
2009-02-05 18:11:34

some people are sick
2009-01-30 14:04:47

after having the misfortune of watching the "burning cat" video on this site, i can't even watch another animal being destroyed. so without watching it, i just have to say i'm highly against animal cruelty or to make animals work in highly dangerous situations that could lead to serious injury and/or death. this is bullshit! we need to protect our domestic and wildlife creatures. every animal deserves the right to leave and breathe as we do.
2009-01-30 04:44:23

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