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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

War → Children of war

The United Nations and human rights groups estimate are 250,000 child soldiers today in war-torn countries from Colombia, and across Africa and the Middle East, to south Asia.

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Chad Wells
ORGISHPIMP!!! Where can you find .223 for that price these days? I haven't seen it that cheap in over five years.
2009-01-22 05:11:47

2009-01-22 04:26:22

Silly kids try's to be the next rambo, hilarious! This is in fact true U.S. freelancers sold tons of weapons to other country's and always use every resource to win a war including childrens by all means necessary. It's war! With my american one dollar I could buy ten 223. caliber bullets in america; now how much would that cost in foreign country's? Well it's fucking cheap!
2009-01-22 03:14:38

first they gave africa weapons.. then they shooted eachother and the western part of the world.

soon they all get computers... check your email.. u have an account in nigeria

is a-bombs next ?
i cant wait to see ..
2009-01-22 00:32:50

no way that real
2009-01-21 23:41:53

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