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Thursday, January 22, 2009

War → Yankee in Iraq

In January 2009, a joint UN World Health Organization and the Iraqi government study concluded that between 104,000 and 223,000 Iraqis had died violently since the US invasion of Iraq.

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did he died?
2009-06-25 18:09:21

to ayman
ROFL. please, your from Malaysia. Dirt filled skank-hole. You live in a small, un populated area, probably. And you most likely fuck sheeps + cows. So idc wth you have to say,fag. You apparently have NO ideas why the US is in this war, so stfu and wth comment on such a poor website? douche bag.
2009-06-25 14:32:09

Shut the heck up ayman u dirty arabs are parasites, u don't do shit. U're rich as fuck (well, actually a small minority while the general populace lives in extreme poverty) just cause u sell ur precious oil for hundreds of times its real value. I hope u all die u damn blackmailers.
2009-06-24 19:52:46

and about the women and children killed. hmmmmmmm, lets suppose you re right and the men hide behind them ( although i m sure this doesn't happen ) ... does that give USA to kill innocents because just their husbands hide behind them ??? i would never touch a child or a woman that way. Sorry friend, i just believe that USA government is the big evil who drove the world crazy because of Ramsfield , Chinny and Bush( i know that the American people like you don't see the truth that the media hides there like) if you want to see the original movie just tell me and i will give yu links here
2009-06-23 02:08:58

i m not from a poor country, emirates is more rich than least we are not homeless after the crisis like tens of thousands of your families ...who is the poor as your opinion ??? Saddam who you caught had been sponsored by USA in one day to kill but when it's about petrol, he must be killed. Bin Ladin used 19 students to kill and strike thousands of your people although he doesnt have an army nor developped weapons.i wonder when u will catch him since 8 years of seeking lol
2009-06-23 01:55:26

to ayman.
what the hell?
and just where are you from?? some poor country, eh?
We caught Saddam "Insane" and we will catch Bin Laden... and
Maybe the innocent women/children wouldnt die if their HUSBANDS/FATHERS stopped hiding behind them shooting at troops.... and for your info, a group of parents caught a local school on fire, children burned, and US troops where there to help the children while being underfire.... so id say THOSE parents are pathetic, not our troops.

Yes, America may be standing in a pile of shit right now, but you need to look where you are standing as well.
2009-06-22 19:23:41

yes your best military will be faster i m pretty sure, just like when they were fast against Bin Laden when he strikes all your economic and politic sites (world trade center, pentagon,...) and when he killed thousands of your people. come on Americans, we just don't want to kill you like you do to innocents in Irak and Afghanistan. we are just NOT LIKE YOU
2009-06-20 08:22:45

2009-06-19 20:16:53

to ayman
i would LOVE to see someone TRY and invade the US. they wouldnt even come close to the land, our navy/air force would ride those mofo's. not to mention, a HUGE increase in our already best military, they would be out faster than we were fighting in Desert Storm. roflmfao.
2009-06-19 16:09:13

alpha six, would you say that if another country envade USA and kill your white people ??? you will just scream like a bitch
2009-06-19 07:34:56

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