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Monday, January 26, 2009

Accident → Lovely... Amazon

An excavator fell in a river in the Amazon while carrying out work on a gas-line for Petrobras. The operator broke the glass to free himself but wounded his hand trying to escape. The blood attracted Piranhas...

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But doesn't human flesh taste good? I ate my boyfriends cock 1 time wen he tried to rape me, then i thought it tasted pretty good. i'm jus an evil bitch idk... lol
2009-08-29 05:11:11

Hungry SeaCreature
Piranhas r no joke man! They can eat u up like a plum or peach, just eat the softies and leave the remains.
2009-08-29 05:08:49

Your asshole
OMFG some1 help the poor fishy in the last picture on the right he is crying for help fucking humans...i cant belive this shit !
2009-08-17 07:08:04

just gose to show us we humans are just part of the food chain R.I.P.
2009-08-15 14:33:20

I was sent an E-Mail about this...
2009-08-10 12:53:52

I think he' happy... he's smiling!
2009-08-09 03:54:22

that has to be one of the coolest things to see. ive seen SO much gross stuff. and this surpasses them all.
this is by FAR my favorite of them all
2009-08-09 00:11:52

is he dead?
2009-08-07 21:18:38

Allahm sen byüksün. bu ne ya! ALLAh korusun
2009-08-05 23:32:38

Thats creepy looking... What an awful way to die..
2009-08-05 00:22:39

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