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Monday, January 26, 2009

Accident → Lovely... Amazon

An excavator fell in a river in the Amazon while carrying out work on a gas-line for Petrobras. The operator broke the glass to free himself but wounded his hand trying to escape. The blood attracted Piranhas...

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pepo skifo
2009-06-17 17:43:44

ma in ke sito sono capitata? o.o qualcuno me lo dice??
2009-06-17 17:09:49

Alain Trundle
I'm sure that with a good nuerosurgeon and dedicated nursing team this man can be made to work again just like his digger can be fixed. I have seen this before, twice, and both times they resumed work after a period of convelescance. Just have faith and respect and all will be ok.
2009-06-11 13:53:58

i like the ghost rider bit lmao
2009-06-06 12:14:53

2009-06-05 18:50:32

Dr. Kirby
I'm not a certified dr, but where do the eyes connect to the brain?
2009-06-04 09:40:59

hi melisa
2009-05-30 18:11:49

at least he died with a wonderful smile on his face...
if anytime i travelo to amazon river i'll try to remember not to swim.. even if its too hot outside
2009-05-26 23:37:23

look the fishies made a hole in his clavicle region and swam in and nomnomed his organs. Jeezuz...that would so suck
2009-05-24 17:34:30

he must have cut his head too because they went for it obviously
2009-05-22 11:09:09

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