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Monday, January 26, 2009

Accident → Lovely... Amazon

An excavator fell in a river in the Amazon while carrying out work on a gas-line for Petrobras. The operator broke the glass to free himself but wounded his hand trying to escape. The blood attracted Piranhas...

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my name in monkey

and i from japan.


2009-02-12 13:19:10

George W. Bush the hero
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2009-02-11 13:10:23

Der Kopfsammler
HAHA!! The piranhas had a nice meal that day.. xD.. Damn i want piranhas to be my pets now!.. o_O
2009-02-10 19:43:45

2009-02-09 12:05:38

there are no toothmarks and they targeted only the head and hand, leaving the rest of him intact

2009-02-09 05:11:04

I wonder if these guys ever sneak silly shit in here just to fuck with us.
2009-02-08 18:22:39

The guy must have enjoyed himself. His is literally grinning from ear to ear.
2009-02-08 01:21:58

dr. kiley
that shit is real, noone fakes a skull with amalgam fillings in thier teeth. looks at the fat under skin..the fish got into the chest cavity and feasted for sure on softer inner organs.
2009-02-07 04:36:00

i wouldnt mind pickin a piece of the flesh off for myself
2009-02-05 21:49:49

i dont think this is fake but i havn't ben able to find a legit news source for it. Several other sites including livelink and scribd are carrying the article but that doesn't always mean anything. I think the eyesockets look odd also, but as for fazzy's comment about the skull being too clean, I think that comes from the shear number of fish involved. Attacks on live humans are very rare and usually only consist of a bite or two, but the damning of certain rivers in Brazil have allowed the speckled piranha (Serrasalmus spilopleura) to overbreed and become more numerous in areas where they used to be less common. And as always when human and animal habitats start to overlap there are always problems.
2009-02-03 03:45:42

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