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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Suicide → Female suicidal hanging (Video)

This female committed suicide by hanging. Neigbor reported a strange smell in Kobayashi District of Tokyo. This female died several days prior to her body discovery...

Video: Download "female_suicidal_hanging.wmv"

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She was given a nice long drop ! why didn't she prefer a strong brutal fuck ?? unless the guy did it while the noose did its job......
2011-05-18 16:09:33

very sad
2011-05-14 00:32:11

Joe Doaks
I agree with Bones. Rigor Mortis is quite apparent and it does not leave until decomp starts. That is usually between 1.5 and 2 days. Therefore, there would have been no "strange odor" Also--if this were Japan, the police and coroner would be there--and why did these perverts cut off her blouse? Not something any medical examiner would do in the field!
2011-04-28 03:08:24

BTW the fucking song was annoying and strange. "ATENTION ATENTION ATETENTION atention atention atention" !!!
2011-03-29 15:15:00

Muff Muncher Mike
Ahhh shit She's still warm. Just slap some Crisco in her :P
2011-03-29 15:11:25

Oh this was no suicide. This beautiful girl was murdered. And this in no way is anywhere in Japan; this is somewhere is South America. There are no living conditions like this in Japan! Bless her heart.
2011-03-13 10:21:27

Several things about that story don't add up, but they they made a special effort to show us her tits (something too often neglected) so I can't complain.
2011-03-13 06:46:29

Shes only been dead a few hours, rigor mortis is still apparent.
2011-03-10 19:50:09

RIP to real suicides.
Her body is was too preserved for a week
old death,if this were real her body would
be decomposing.
2011-02-24 10:18:07

to rapemekillme. tried to email you and it failed. are you for real? Is trhis a cum on? e me at y
2011-02-19 02:27:38

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